Please Help: List of SA Gel Blaster Retailers, Fields & Clubs (or anyone else who might lose money if blasters are restricted or banned)

This is an incredible list, I’m just saddened that there are so few fields to play at :frowning:

12 stores now which is more like it though I bet there is 20+ in SA.

If anyone can dig up more fields I am happy to add them.

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There’s an indoor field opening 4th July at clovelly Park called danger close gel ball arena.


Thanks, its up there somewhere, i need to clean up the fields into one post, i just noticed i have a couple dupes.

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OK, I see it now. It’s only text with no link so that must be why I missed it, or that’s the excuse I’m sticking with anyway :grinning:

all good, as I say its a bit of a mess and I need to clean it up.

I am spread kinda thin for time though this week with EOFY crap at work & a tonne of people off work with some virus (Not the rona), plus trying to do what I can in the saving gel blasters space, I am sposed to have a Night game this evening too lol, was up till 01:30 changing my loadout around to give the HK 416 a whirl. So I am feeling a little :woozy_face:

Need to find another decent canvas comforter and belt cos I run old school M56 Alice system webbing and I need to run a different belt for AK blasters Vs US gear.

Have you got Aldinga Hobbies and Hobby Habbit, both are into blaster sales and support as well as RC cars and planes.

Thankyou, I dont have either. is the Aldinga one AKA Super cheap hobbies ?

If the address is coach road, then yes.

Chuck my personal business down if you havent.