Plunger head coming loose

Hey guys,
How are people stopping their plunger head coming loose?
Mine has come apart twice now and jams the blaster.
I’m thinking either araldite or loctite.




Can’t say I’ve experienced the issue

I’m assuming that what you get when you buy cheap ebay stuff.
If only i found this site before purchasing parts lol

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To some degree yes but I do have some stock plunger heads.

It’s possible I just have got anything particularly dodgy

I use blue loctite and work like a charm.


I’m thinking loctite.
Is the plunger head meant to spin?

No it shouldn’t spin

Thanks i wasn’t sure.

Blue loctite. Not if… but when it comes loose in my experience.

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Loctite the blue one. if your going to keep mods on it. if your not then epoxy glue it

Agreed :+1: with the blue medium strength Loctite or equivalent, doesn’t need to be covered, just apply a small amount to clean threads. So the Cyl head doesn’t spin but when you’ve got a Cyl head with a bearing, the bearing is supposed to spin with the the twisting motion of your spring as it compresses and decompresses. This is supposed to dampen the twisting stress exerted from the spring, on the spring retainer, spring and piston. You might find a bearing up the other end of the spring, this time in an upgraded metal spring retainer. It doesn’t hurt at all to stick a little bearing grease in with those bearings too.

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