Plz help, I'm lost, hi capa problems

Hello everyone, I have a funky dilemma, I recently acquired a aw hi capa, I have installed an acid m4 adaptor, cow cow guiderod (silver spring), 150% spring, 180%nozzle, cow cow hammer regulator (silver spring) cow cow trigger, ■■■■■■■ masterpiece sear spring, 4.3 plug, slight short stroke. The issue is, is that after connecting the hpa, on most shots the slide will not return, I returned the original sear as the masterpiece had some fitment issues, problem still persists. After returning all back to stock it is running much smoother as I believe the guide rod and gbu springs do have some fitment issues in the AW, but after returning to stock the issue is still happening, except when the hi capa is pointing vertically, which has bamboozled me. Any advice???

How much psi are you running?
I wouldn’t use anything over 120psi in a green gas blaster

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Tried everything between 60 to 100

The hammer regulator kit should come with 2 springs (soft and hard), have you tried both? Could be a light strike issue?

Is there a way that I can send you a video of what’s happening??

There’s a site,, that you can upload short videos and just post the link here, after like a month if they’re not used they get automatically deleted

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So, this here is when I had all the upgrades in

And this clip is when I returned ot all too stock

Any help would be greatly appreciated :frowning:


The slide is catching on the hammer. Mine has same problem

Righttttt, and with it pointing up there’s less resistance so can clear it?

Did u fix it just by sanding down the hammer?

Nope. The pictures were just taken

It would seem we are both suffering

Mine doesn’t get caught often so I don’t really care. It works. Anyway, just ordered a DB TTI G17 as my main sidearm.

Just here to say that’s a sweet as deck you’ve got there… that is all…

Thankyou ainsley

Could try a stronger recoil spring or a softer spring for the hammer.

Do not sand the hammer lmao, heard I’ve heard of a few people who tried and if you take too much off it’ll lead to bad strikes on the valve, I think the solution is to sand the actual plate that is being hit, or just lube the shit out of it. On second thought just try lubing it up first.

For anyone with this issue, it was a combo of a gbu guideplug not being tight enough, but mainly the stock aw outerbarrel, was rotating and getting caught in the slide, fixed with a guarder outer barrel:)

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