Poll: Pre ordering your Shark?

  • Yep. Pre-ordered!
  • Money in hand but I want to feel it first!
  • Still waiting on my P1
  • Not for me

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Are they tokyo murai parts compatible o.o?

I don’t think so.

Pretty sure the XTP/Shark are APS?


I see, never seen those design before tbh

Yep, they are APS. http://www.aps-concept.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1213

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Wow, cheap $107 US or $170 AUD

How much are they selling them for here $400?

Kinda dont like the design tbh,
Mainly the safty swtich location

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Remember - low production run gel conversion and the retailers are taking a risk with every container they import (particularly of something new like the gas ■■■■).

Not saying you don’t have a point, just that it’s not totally all just about ripping us off…


I remember when gas pistol first came out in taiwan, it was around 500+aud mark, and that was back in like late 80s I think.

Before I left taiwan 1994, it was about 100-200ish depending on brand.


Good point :+1:t4:


For anyone that’s pre-ordered the Shark from Azrael’s, and doesn’t already know, the delivery date has been put back from late this month to 10th of June.

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