Possible new field in SA

I have some land in the Adelaide plains region, i am seeing if there is any interest in a new field out this way. i have approx 13 acres of land with an empty dam, so there is a few possibility of what i could make out here


Welcome, Moose!

Honestly, with the sport/hobby/scene/industry presently at a crossroads with the proposed regulation in QLD, I would be wary of putting time, effort, or money into developing a new commercial field (or other GB-centric business) anywhere right now.

While SA won’t be directly impacted by legislative changes in QLD, there would surely be indirect consequences if the QLD scene takes a big hit.

No disrespect to the SA scene, but I feel that the massive following/industry in QLD is providing some big plusses for us in SA around blaster variety/availability and competitive pricing - which means more people playing at fields(?)

I’m still hoping common sense will prevail up north, but is there any harm in waiting it out?

Saying that, it’s pretty awesome that you already have a private space to kick on and pew pew with your mates!