Potential Gel Blaster Ban in South Australia (No Import permits being issued)

I was not sure where to put this but I would like to spread awareness of this issue as far as possible (Admins please move it elsewhere if this is not the spot).

SA Police (SAPOL) have issued a blanket ban on the approval of new B709 import permits for business owners. What this means is no new shipments can be arranged as vendors have to file for a permit every time they bring in a shipment. Now there could be a lot of reasons why they are not approving new B709 permits the issue is that they are stonewalling applicants & not saying much.

One of the Gel Blaster Industry advocates has been trying to help retailers stuck without permits. And the Issue he now has is that SAPOL have basically told him that the reason they have stopped processing B709 permits is because they are under review. The issue stemming from this is that SAPOL are there to enforce current laws and regulation. Under current laws there is absolutely no reason these B709’s should not be processed as for any changes to be implemented there is a much bigger political process to undertake.

Reading between the lines it seems SAPOL is sneakily taking a similar line to what Queensland police have done recently and trying to recategorise or ban gel blasters in SA without following correct political process. This is re-enforced by the rumour that discussion about stopping B709’s in SA has been going on behind closed doors since October 2019.

I love this sport & I really do not want it banned, restricted or liscenced (I already hold a firearms licence but I know such a measure will kill the sport).

So I urge any of you that may be concerned by potential changes to the sport/hobby we all enjoy to join this group: Gel Blasters Association of Australia Group - South Australian Discussion


and get involved as soon as possible. Full disclosure this group is a subgroup of the Gel Blaster association of Australia created by them to help SA Gel Ballers come together to try and stop any changes just as they did in QLD.


Do you need to reside in SA to join that group?

I don’t think so, it should just let you join. I Joined the QLD movement much as I could being in SA (couldnt really fill in the community consultations or anything).

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Yep just filled out questions and was straight in. Cheers

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This really shits me - all the publicly available information says that they are “legal” or “not illegal” here, including the May 2019 press conference from the head of the Firearms Branch. Like many others, I have been spending thousands of dollars on the hobby based on SAPOL’s public stance, and continue to do so.

Agreed, we have all the legislation already in place to allow unrestricted responsible ownership/use, classify blasters that may fall into banned categories (GBB and/or all-metal), and respond to misuse.

Need options for people that don’t FB.


Why do you expect honest behaviour from mafia henchmen?


No worries. You can email chris@gbaa.com.au and see what he could send through to you. I am also intending to update information here as well. There is a change.org petition doing the rounds but SA government only recognises pen & paper petitions apparently so with Social distancing still in effect we cannot really facilitate this yet.

Our state really has the worst policies around policing & public disclosure (thanks former premier Mike Rann & and former Attorney General Michael Atkinson) and we are the only state where Polic can issue a gag order on reporting of any “Police Matter” (not just serious crime) so it is of little surprise this crap has been going on behind closed doors.

Its like yes there have been a few gel blaster related SAPOL incidents (tiny though compared to the number of gel blasters owned by people who aren’t Knobheads) but there are a high number of stabbings every year & Knife crime is going up but no one is saying "knives have to be licenced, people shouldnt be able to have Knives in wooden blocks in their kitchens, they have to be put in a special Knife safe etc.
Punish the moron offenders, its already a serious offence to threaten someone with a weapon or recplica weapon & it is assault to blast someone who is unwilling to be blasted with a gel blaster. There are a whole raft of other offences they can throw at these idiots not including the fact they are usually trying to rob someone in the first instance. We don’t need more restrictions pushed onto 99% of the population to deal with the 1% of morons who likely should have been drowned at birth.


Because governments should be afraid of their people and not the other way around.

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You can should that all day m8

I agree too but sadly I don’t live in shouldLand


Won’t be long before they crack down on them everywhere in Oz - buy up quick!

A friend, who “knows some people” has quietly asked a few questions for me
The issue SAPOL have is not the few idiots using blasters to commit crimes
The bigger problem is SAPOL are “wasting resources” when they get calls from the public reporting “■■■■” seen in the backs of cars. SAPOL need to follow up on those calls and its becoming a nuisance to officers

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Well thats down to morons not keeping their blasters properly concealed when transporting them.

However, I would love to know the real figure on how many of these calls SAPOL are actually getting. It is a police officers job to attend calls from the public (every job has nuisance or time wasting elements) if they need to fine people found to be doing this and causing nuisance call out then so be it that is one way to try and stop it instead of trying to ban them for 99% of people. The police must know what real military style weapons are extremely rare now, even when you see drug bust and organised crime seizures now it is super rare to see any firearms of a style like the gel blasters we play with, illegal handguns are a far bigger problem.

Maybe Orange tips need to be made compulsory as they are in other places, such a measure would be preferable to a ban.


The time wasted is typically because the complaint lacked details, ie the car’s rego
So when police have to respond to a “white toyota in the TT Plaza carpark with car on the back seat” They get really pissed off

Simple tactics for those caught, complete loss of all related toys, paraphernalia and the right to have access again. Police record, random checks at anytime to check if they have made a purchase vi a friend or online, the same again and Fined, community service and Knob head on their overalls to identify them to other blasters users.
We are just recovering from a period of Isolation, after sometime where there has been public outrage of terrorism and gang related incidents interstate. Most public people know diddlysquat about any sort of fire arms and if they see something that resembles a movie prop, they are going to feel they are doing the right thing by reporting it. Their lack of education in filing a report is part of the problem, but in this day and age, the mobile phone/camera does serve a purpose and if the police were to educate people they could also save themselves a lot of headaches. A picture of the vehicle, rego and offensive device could solve a hell of a lot real quick. Rid us of the clowns who disregard the rules and safety practices that are there for the good of us all in a simple process.


maybe we should all be mentioning transport issues at events


Get seen turning up to an event without your blaster in a bag, 1 month ban from that business.
Happens again, lifetime ban.


Common sense? What happened to it…


It was so uncommon, it went extinct.


I suggested the exact same idea on some of the facebook groups and got told that im a fuckwit for suggestion such a thing, im glad you got the same train of thought as me, i mean, ever since they came into australia, they were being self regulated by the sellers. Now the way i see it is the shops should be taking record of all purchases as their own confidential records, if a person gets nabed by the cops doing stupid shit, stores should be informs and refuse sale to those people. Self regulation is a must if we want to keep the cops on our side. Do you remember the story about the fella who got nabed at the border between states with drigs and gel blasters, how the fuck did hey get his hands on them, police never informed anyone of his name, whats stopping him from buying them again after he does time, the law might state to him that he can never touch a blaster again but that wont physicaly stop him from heading down to the shop to sneekinly buy another. Police and sellers should be working together to limit the sales to those who are trusted good citizens by eliminating those who go out and do the wrong thing and get on the media and poison everyones mind who doesnt know about blasters or have a hatred for the idea of blasters in oz.

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My honest opinion…As an ex serviceman, these gel blasters are great fun, but they really do look the part. It is all good and well to bleat, “They are toys, no rules apply”. Let’s see how that stacks up when one of these morons gets a 400fps into someones face at 2 meters or less and ultra hard gels. I’m not talking for game or play but just the one idiot who will ruin it for everyone. The other person has no face protection, my guess is permanent eye damage, maybe more and the rest of us trying to justify “Toys”!
I do not hold with nanny state rules either, we should be working with SAPOL to help them control this. Each shop purchase should have a simple register against your drivers license, even if you buy for your children. This register can be online or whatever, but on the report of a sighting in a particular suburb, in a certain type of car, it would narrow down the trail. I do not believe we should have to have paid for licenses to own as they are not, nor can they be made into the real thing, hence the Toy stigma, but everyone should treat them as if they are the real thing, educate children about pointing them, well maybe not just children…and not just the emphasis on always wear eye protection. Maybe some standard rules or guidelines because you just cannot fix stupid.
I have seen people who have been firing there blaster and when it stops the first thing they do is turn it around and look down the barrel, FFS, electrical failures do occur people and these can fire off on their own sometimes, but back to the issue. Crying Toy is just not good enough now, if you want the sport to stay, be responsible, grow up and accept that it requires some mandatory supervision because there are idiots who will cost us all in the long term.
I don’t want to lose mine, I need it for my mental health outlet and it has proven to be very beneficial, but I do not want to see anyone else lose it either because of one or two clowns.