Potential Gel Blaster Ban in South Australia (No Import permits being issued)

First if all I’ve never claimed I don’t want them classified as a cat A, it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest as I’m a licensed shooter in QLD as many others here are, I’m simply putting forward suggestions on how as a group we could proceed based on an already working model from a Commonwealth country.

aussie pollies have no fear of the predator coming after them for a trophy.

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This image is inaccurate, it implies Australian politicians have a spine haha

I put no fear as in they don’t have a spine for a trophy

Man I’m over 60 and I have that problem, it’s called KRAFTs disease…Kan’t Remember A FuKin Thing… :joy: :joy: :joy: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Your not old enough to have it yet from the sound of your voice.

Yes,…I am an old fart and I play Gel Ball, but I still think I am thirty…OK? But Army has a strange way of keeping you mentally young.

The whole “blasters have evolved” argument is piss-weak and paper-thin.

Automobiles have “evolved”. When somebody makes a car that is too “powerful” or “dangerous” to drive on our roads, they don’t ban all cars.

As has been said plenty of times before, we have existing legislation that covers “evolved” blasters which might fall outside of the “toy” category, just as we have a mechanism for dealing with misuse - hence the criminal charges leveled at the dipshits who have used them inappropriately of late (assault, robbery).

I means cars are needed vs blasters which are toys…
But nevertheless you’re probably too young to remember the discussion in limiting the speed of all cars sold in Aust to 100-110 quite a while ago - never underestimate the nanny state’s unending self imposed divine right to regulate anything and everything in this country.

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@Gels, precisely… maybe the laws should evolve and the police should evolve to catch the criminals and not throw a blanket over the whole thing to make it magically disappear.

If only we could make our politicians evolve into better people, answer a question without filibustering and forget their agenda and think of the people, instead of lying ex used car salesman…? :thinking:


XD :joy: oh thats good.

@blek GBAA (Tac Edge funded) and GBAI actually work closely together, but yeah it would be nice to have one governing body nationwide. Right now I know GBAA is trying to round up as many of the leaders of the smaller groups as possible to get them to band together (doing it quietly to avoid harrassment).

GBAI I know having chatted to him Nathan Kirby who is president would be Glad to help, however a lot of people & groups in SA keep telling him to fuck off and saty out of it, stop stirring up the pot & for some reason they blame him for bringing in metal recievers & gas pistols. The Pistols I think he was the first to bring in, not sure about the metal blasters but even so as I keep saying to these people if he didnt bring them in first but even if all retailers said “shit lets not do this it could be bad” do you really think a shop like tactoys or one of the other small retailers bringing in really questionable stuff would have skipped the opportunity ? Nope.

I mean hell you have this other new mob trying to bring in bloody flashbang grenades that use ramsets, i mean if you want firearms branch’s attention start bringing in things that use actual black powder ammunitionz…


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Wow those grenades are just on another level of retarded.

Hopefully people in SA can step back a bit and look at things with a broader mindset. Sounds like there’s a bit of, “if we can’t then no one can” going about.
Good to hear there’s a push to consolidate things.

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Lots of negative backlash on their page comments about it now too & yet he defends it. Hopefully border force stop them & issue a massive fine.

He keeps saying .22 isn’t that loud etc sure its not that loud fired from a rifle where the projectile exits a couple feet from your face, there is a possibility of getting spent hot powder in your eyes as well as hearing damage from these things going off next to you, particularly next to your head. I tell you now I wouldn’t hold a .22 target pistol near my ear and fire it, wont make me deaf but it will definitely not help my long term hearing or tinitus issue.


Haha good luck you need a weapons license to purchase the ramset chargers.

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Banning gel blasters. But your allowed to own a compound bow without a licence :man_facepalming::man_shrugging:. Somethings not right with that picture.


Funny you say that, there was a photo on FB of a car with an arrow in the middle of the bonnet, apparently they were driving along and it fell from the sky :thinking:


Oh good my other hobby has numbered days. Maybe I should take up stamp collecting… Damn you email! :laughing:

So this isn’t relevant very much to Australia. But tbh they make a good argument and adds to the car analogy given earlier on.

Say these people trying to ban blasters start getting called upon for their more luxurious and unnecessary items if they’ll just sit down and do it :roll_eyes:


I have seen them in bunnings ?

They have them in plastic clips .27