Povvo trigger switch - fuse combo

Hello Blastards, I made a thing. Thought I might do some show-n-tell.

I really like the Gate WarFet. I don’t know why as I don’t even have one but it looks rad, I like the programmability with its Uber cool programming card thingy and it’s simple af to use.

So I thought so might make something that has absolutely no relevance to a Gate WarFet, as a matter of fact, I’m not even sure why I mentioned that.

Anyway, here’s my little contraption:

EasyFet with 20a fuse and JST connectors for the trigger signal wire. I tried to make it into a plug-n-play type device so I can unplug from one blaster and plug into the next one.
Obviously this is for a mechanical trigger setup but provided the trigger signal wires have been terminated with a JST then she should just plug the fuck in (yes, I’ll be redoing all of my looms on my Gen8/mechanically switched blasters).

This is just a prototype. It could be constructed to be smaller so I may actually end up redoing it. Its a long boi. As for functionality? Who bloody knows. I haven’t tested it yet but knowing my luck it’ll be a fucking disaster.

This was fun to make plus it’s a good way to improve your soldering skills.


Speaking of soldering… Would this not short it or something?:rofl::rofl:

Not that my soldering skills are that crash hot anyway😅

It does look like the solder has run across but it’s actually just the light. The solder pads on the EasyFets are pretty big with a lot of solder already on them. But now I’m paranoid haha! Probs going to remove the heat shrink now to check.

Look to servo headers for your trigger lines

They are smaller

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Good idea Ze. I’ll go and ask the EngiNerds and see what they can come up with. I used JST as I’ve got a heap of that little buggers lying around.


Looks the biz and as someone who is creating an entire loom from thin air I’m nicking your right angled fuse junction thank you. The number of schematics I’ve doodled as our beloved Gel specific setups with their mag primes and mag terminals really put the brakes on swapping out uppers at will as opposed to their sixmm cousins.

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where do you think he got the idea from? :rofl:


credit where credits due, thanks sparky

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