Prebuilt gearbox should I buy it?

Hi Folks, I have done very little tinkering inside Gel blasters although I do love watching LG’s videos. I was going to use a standard Gen 8 gearbox for a project I am about to start but then I saw this which is probably better.

I have found a prebuild Nylon gearbox for sale with the following configuration.

  • Nylon Gearbox Housing
  • Bearings
  • Cast Metal 18:1 Gears
  • Metal Anti-Reverse Latch w/ Spring
  • Generic Upgrade 460 Motor
  • Nylon Piston with Metal Tooth Rack
  • Nylon Piston head w/ Bearing
  • Stainless Steel Cylinder
  • ABS Cylinder Head
  • Gen 8 M4 T-piece with Alloy Barrel
  • Nylon Trigger w/ Spring
  • Silver wire with a 5amp Trigger switch & JST-SM Battery Connection
  • Hardened Return Spring
  • ABS Tappet Plate
  • 1.2mm Piston Spring
  • Polycarbonate Spring Retainer
  • 220-230 FPS

It doesnt mention o-ring so i have emailed for confirmation to see if that has been done. They wants $160.00 for this box.

IN an ideal world I would like to build a 16:1 or maybe even 13:1 but I imagine my lack of previous experience will be a serious barrier.

Seems a bit expensive to me…

Is the seller a shop or online? Any feedback? 220-230 seems a bit low, although they are probably specifying low, rather than high.

I would prefer a 1.3mm piano wire spring myself and get closer to 280 fps. For 230fps, I would just buy a stock nylon box of ebay for $40 (or 4) rather than buy one expensive box. Depends on who built it.

However, if you really don’t trust yourself to build one and you have the cash… it may be ok

Those who CAN, build. Those who CAN’T, buy drum pop

That’s expensive for a nylon box. I got a metal wells box for 150, and it’s been brilliant, thinking about getting another.


The one above is a gen 8

Got the wells metal box ($150) put an Oring and 100% cylinder into it and it goes hard.
Shoots a fair old distance too.

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The one I posted if from tac edge. Right now with the sale on i think it comes to $128.00

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The specs on that sound just like the specs on the pre built ones I got a while back. I got mine for $80 a piece though. Now, IF it’s the same (which I reckon it probs is as I’ve seen that pre fabbed set up a number of times on zeBay) there’s a few things you’ll need to know.

Firstly and mainly, the ‘shimming’ is very poor. There were shims in both of mine, one was shit, the other was worse. So you’ll need to correct that straight away.

Secondly, the pinion gear was not even grub screwed on to the motor on either box let alone loc tited (loc tited? Is that even a word?) so whatever you do, DO NOT drop in and use. You must check that as well.

5A switch is standard across basically all stock Gen8 boxes. Fuck it off and get a 10.1A.

Wiring loom is not bad. Silicon wiring has better flex though.

Motor is, again, not bad I guess but it’s probably not a great deal better than a stock one.

Gears are just pot metal Chinesium so how well they’ll hold together is luck of the draw there. Good shimming will defs help.

Cylinder head and nozzle are just the shitty stock Gen8 gubbins. Get better ones.

Cylinder and piston are just generic ‘upgraded’ pieces. They do the job but there are better offerings. O Ring is garbage.

IF it’s the Singularity gearbox case then that’s good. They’re well built bits of kit in my opinion. They take 8mm bearings/bushes.

All in all, those ‘pre built’ boxes are not a bad buy but not for $160. For $80, maybe, but I didn’t know shit back when I bought them so they’re probs not actually really worth that. Considering the amount of stuff I had to do to get going efficiently and reliably I think you’d be better off just piecing together your own stuff and going from there. I know you stated that you were on the novice end of the spectrum regarding building so that is something you likely didn’t really want to hear. However, Gen8s are great to get familiar with how our little blasters work as they’re still essentially the same as their newer counterparts but don’t have the complexity when it comes to the electronics and trigger mech side.

Good luck my man, I hope you go well with whatever route you decide to take.



Comes up short.
Perhaps with a bearing spring retainer, high end 11v motor, known barrel, Easyfet and spec’d 300fps.
Not sure what “hardened return spring” is or is supposed to do.
That’s just me.

I think when ive seen “Hardened return spring” it usually just means not the crappy ones that come with most blasters & snap as soon as you change the main spring.

Hence my comment. My metallurgy knowhow tells me that the harder you make steel, creating more cuboidal grain, the more brittle it gets. They’re tempered. :wink: