Prepaid card for online. Warning, this will be up against Calcifer for longest novel award

This is concerning online purchasing, but is a bit off-topic for the “Other online outlets” thread, so I thought I would put it here.

A reloadable prepaid card that’s not tied to a bank account. I have had these cards before (Woolworths, Coles mastercards), and since last year, an AustraliaPost load and go Visa. This was probably the best as it is easy to set up, easy to reload, and you can easily check balance and transactions. But they have decided to do away with these and go to a Mastercard. And hasn’t that been a drama.

First up, the person at the Auspost branch put wrong details into the system when I purchased it. Misspelt one letter in my email address, then entered the password/passphase I gave him as my mother’s maiden name.
So, when I go to register an account for the card (you can’t just login to the Auspost site and check it there like with the Visa) it won’t accept my details. After many attempts, I call their support line. Looking forward to this, as I have trouble understanding the accented English these people use. You then go through all the security questions before they will check what’s wrong. So she finally sees the wrong information there, and says she will transfer me to someone that can fix it. Great, I thought. Another lady comes on the line, and asks me all the security questions once more (you would think the person transferring me would have passed this on, but no) She then says she will go into the system and fix it. Comes back a few minutes later, says sorry system is down, can you call back in 2 or 3 hours.

Call back later, go through all the questions again with someone, tell him what is wrong, he checks it, says he will transfer me. Lady comes on the line and just as I start to go through all the questions again, the phone call drops out. I am starting to look closely at the beer fridge by now, but decide to give it one last try.

Go through all the questions once again, get transferred, all the same questions again. She then says I will have to send them copies of my identity before they can do anything. But it’s not my fault you have the wrong information, I say to her. Sorry you must send us the identity details. I hang up before I say something I’ll probably regret later. She’s probably just doing what she has been told.

Next day, I thought I’d try again (I know, sucker for punishment). This time, after going through all the questions once again, I am transferred to a lady who, when she sees what is wrong, says “I will fix the email address problem right now, but if you want to change the other info, you will have to send us the identity details”. While still talking to her, I try logging into the site again. Success!!! So I tell her I’ll leave the mother’s maiden name as it is, thanks. Now why the other people I spoke to couldn’t have done this, I have no idea.

Wait, now don’t think this is over, oh no.
I can log into the site, see my balance and do some other things, but when I try to access “settings” it goes to a another page saying “an error has occurred” A bloody error has occurred alright - my purchasing this mongrel card.
Back to support, all the questions again, she says she can’t see why I can’t access the settings, So I then have to get screenshots of what is happening (I have to log in on both my browsers Firefox and Chrome) and send them with all the details (even though I have already told her) to an email address. Two days later get an email from a “customer service representative” in England saying she will forward my details to the support section (even though me email was sent to their support section) That was yesterday, can’t wait to see what happens next.

I hope the d***head in Australia Post who decided to do away with the load and go card gets the sack. From what I’ve read online, I am certainly not the only one having problems with this card.
So if any of you have a load and go card and are going to replace it with the Mastercard, beware. Make sure you check all your details are correct when purchasing it.

And if anyone has a suggestion for another card, let me know. That’s if there’s anyone who’s actually read this far :sleeping:

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Read it all. All i got from it was, lucky guy, his wife lets him have a beer fridge.


I used to love the ‘load and go card’, you could put pretty much any value on it and pay by whatever means (I get the odd prepaid visa for anything from $25 to $80 sometimes). No issue at all. Well I have one of these new ones, its $50 minimum, has to be cash only, no prepaid loadups, and you have to have ID with you to even load the card… Its rubbish…

I dont like using my proper credit card for online purchases as a few years ago i used it to pay a optus internet bill, a few weeks later I get a call from the bank asking about a green lounge, perplexed I ask the missus if she bought a new sofa without letting me know (It sounds silly but I had no idea what Green Lounge is). The guy on the phone from the bank explains to me, hearing me chat to the missus, that Green Lounge is a online gambling sire in the UK. It too a month for the $750 to be returned to our credit card and since then I only used prepaid cards for online purchases.

Fuck the new Auspost card I have, I now have a debit only card with a different bank (for isolation) and use that account solely for online transactions.

I know your pain, they lost me (auspost) as a customer since they brought in the new card.

Lol you win !
Why is it when men get to 100 they love writing novels :rofl:
I only ever use PayPal and have been using it since it began and have never had a single issue


Nope, single. That’s why I can waste as much as I like on toys (and beer).
Can be a bad thing sometimes though not having a financial controller. Someone to say to you “bloody fool, you’re not buying that”

And I’ve heard if you buy online, you have to have the amount on the card in the currency on the website. In other words, you have 100AUD on the card, you go to pay for something on a website that deals in USD, you have to convert the AUD on the card to USD. (for anyone that hasn’t seen it, this card allows you to have difference currencies loaded on it) I don’t know if that’s true, have asked support, but no answer yet.

Totally agree. But the reloadable prepaid certainly comes in handy at times.


I used to use a service called divi pay

Basically software driven burner cards

But allot of payment gateways copped a snotty and refused to accept them which just plain sucked


And, just to annoy you further… er, I mean, for your reading pleasure… laughing%20(1)

I just use PayPal too… linked to my eftpos card… If anyone scams me of any $ out of that, they have done well it isn’t a credit card and there aint much in it :grin:

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Palpal is fine, I use our normal card via there are I know its insured. BUT not everywhere uses paypal looking at you aliexpress

ASSHOLE :rofl:

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How far did you get reading it all the second time?

Ok everyone… own up… who actually read it all again? Your eyes must be rolling around in your heads… Bbbbwahahahahehehe


Just you is my guess :clown_face:

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yeah nah… I reckon at least half of you got half way thru the first bit before sayin ‘far cough!’ (several times and rather loudly) laughing%20(1)

aint nobody got time fer dat


I would be in Luuuurrrve… except…

I ain’t got time fo dat! fart rofl

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I do exactly the same, with a debit card from a separate bank account used for PayPal only.

My “little story” wasn’t meant for everyone. But I thought there could be people on here that had used the load and go card, and were looking at the mastercard replacement, and thought I’d let them know of my experience with it (mostly bad so far).