Prepping for the Apocalypse!

So…this work in progress build is likely to upset a few people…lockdown does strange things to a man.

Anyone else got any gnarly end of the world / zombie-fest / fallout / Somali pirate builds out there?

I’d be keen to see pics if anyone has some to share…this one will end up pretty ragged and rusty by the time it’s finished.


Please tell me that stock is actually used as a second handle so you can two hand fire it…

I haven’t fitted it yet but…yes, that’s the plan!

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I’m offended on behalf of Somali pirates!!


Lmao I love it but at the same time it immediately makes me think of this YouTube series by Kalashnikov Group:

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Typical…this is years of good old Aussie ingenuity and inventiveness out of isolation and despair :australia:
Give a bloke an old dusty shed, a pile of scrap and a few tools…and he will create miracles !!!
Agricultural looking miracles…but miracles nonetheless :joy:
Why an I thinking about OWEN SMG’s :thinking::joy:


Fucken love it mate. For more post apocalypse inspiration the far cry 5 new dawn weapons are pretty sick. Plenty of hose clamped torches and attachments and whatnot. Plus excellent screwdriver or half of a pair of scissors bayonet options. And some out there paint jobs…


No this is awesome. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while but I lack that kind of skill and I can’t decide what I’d use as a base for the starter.

Actually fuck that, with the saw blade handle, depending on your metal work skills, I’d love to see a cut down section of saw blade as a serrated bayonet. Or maybe a timber recipro or sabre saw blade. Fucking zombie ripper!

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This is a second hand APS combat arms so the receiver, rear triangle stock and dust cover are all made of steel. I have stripped the receiver in this photo and then it may or may not have spent some time in my firepit…it is just starting to rust a little, the rest will be stripped down over the next few days. Toying with wether I let it rust out completely of do like a partial clean on it so that there is some contrast.


I have toyed with a few design ideas in this space, I like the idea of reusing the saw blade somewhere in the build. Holy geez that metal is hard tho!


Yeah using the handle and blade is really in the apocalypse waste no materials vibe. If you could grind or gas axe like a 40x150mm or 40x200mm section to use as the bayonet, on the front right of the receiver there are two Hex bolts. Could be funky to bolt the back of the blade to the receiver, and run it down the right side, then just cut a slot and hose clamp it to the muzzle. So many different ways to make an apocalypse gat, can’t wait to see the result.

If you add blades, etc, you won’t be able to play with it.

Maybe find an old hair dryer (you must have one for drying that luscious beard every week when you shower) and use that for the handle. Pink one for added flavour.

I generally try to shower more than once a week…and dare I say it…sometimes daily!

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Love it, my new favourite Blaster, even overlooking the Commie influence.
I like my dose of Weaponry in all flavours, from OEM to SteamPunk, from only added an Optic to Outer Space other Wordly creations, all’em and these cobbled together creations snugly squeeze right on in.
Well done, hack at it :+1:

So… definitely not a bloody Pom then :joy::joy::joy:

Have an old pair of crutches you might find useful.

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Did you Photoshop a separate shadow on there for that crutch stock? Wind kind of madman are you and how do you have time for this???

Of course. Looks better that way.
Just your average garden variety.
Took 2 minutes with a nice cup of hot tea. :sunglasses:


Someone has got to do a crutch stock ak, this is probably the best thing I have seen in gel ball

And bandage around the grip, mag or barrel would top this look