Private Vic Games

Just putting a shout out to anybody interested in privet games on a privet property. In VIC

Currently getting the field ready, the field can be constantly changed up and worked on and have community input. The field is out side of Bendigo.

What we want is a good trusting community where everyone is able to enjoy them selves, help pitch in with new obstacles to on the field and just have a good time.

I urge you to jump on face book and look up joining Gelsoft club of victoria page, in future we will be informing of events on there. For obvious reasons we cant give out information publicly but we can inform in a private group chat.

Jump on request an invite and introduce yourself. Snap a shot of your gear (so we know your serious) post it up with your name and general living area. If your already on the page shout out mention this post.

We want to get more involved down here, there are talks of weekends when the weather is warmer camping and running night games with the new glow gels, and if enough people involved mini milsims.

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I’ll be up for that.
(not joining Farcebook though)
My blaster won’t be ready till end of September I’m guessing…

spybook and twatter will get you into trouble. Created by the CIA they are a surveillance tool blah blah blah and the Feds monitor it. In fact this site has both facebook and google tracking it.
Private is never private with those scumbags.
As I understand the laws in Victoria I would be super careful you don’t end up in court.

In case your interested

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While inprivate-like extensions and VPNs “hide” you from the baddies, you can still be found quite easily and it’s usually because the sites you visit/access ask for permission and you give it to them (sometimes unknowingly) for the site to function properly…
You are never truly anonymous when using mainstream browsers to access mainstream sites, even with smart extensions…

Also, VPNs probably make it even easier since the authorities just seize the logs from them when they’re bothered…

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Good point…I am digressing though. Does sound like a cool event

Indeed, I’m still waiting for someone to organise something for NSW :sweat_smile:
My cousin has property in woop woop where the police nearly openly do opium with their mates… Wild country out there…



This got conspiracy esq very quickly. Unless we use carrier pigeons to communicate we haven’t got much of a choice. It’s private property on the out skirts of a small town, surrounded by farm land

I’ll just make sure my blaster is Vic legal… So whatever happens, I won’t have to worry about anything except nailing the other team :wink:


Ok Matt, sounds good, as I am in Vic but not in Bendigo, not too far away I guess. But I certainly will not be joining the group on Facebook, I very rarely use Facebook anyway. I would rather not have any links to gel blasters on my Facebook at this stage, due to the legal status of it in Vic. Will PM you later. Cheers

So we had a “game” on the weekend but mainly a small build. We’re not finished yet and the next build will be a “kill house” with multiple rooms and corridors. Will be apx 15m long and 10m wide. We have a floor plan design already and materials on the way.

Here is Sunday’s efforts, all made from doors

We really want 44 gallon drums if anyone wants to donate

Also there is no fee to play, it’s all inclusive place to play. All we ask is everyone is respectful to each other, and not be a fuk wit. We will probably get a Bbq so if you want in on that bring some meats. Other than that bring ya equipment and a whole porta gela

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Note to everyone we will not be posting locations or times on the fourm for obvious reasons. If you want to participate we suggest joining the Facebook group and we will add you into a messenger chat. Or possibly start a what’s app chat. If these two options don’t suit you, I dont own carrier pigeons we live in the 21st century, I’m going to be that guy and stay sucks to be you.

matman is purely asking hypothetically and hypothetically I would definitely attend the such a meet. but of course it’s just imaginative ideas :smirk:

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and that’s why those that need to hide would be best to do their homework to find one of 5ge good VPN scrambler as those ones will have the person using the programs VPN boucing around the globe constantly changing the numbers too so makes tracking more difficult. but obviously nothing online will ever be bulletproof. (the USA know first hand) when a hacker from down Under managed to get through the Pentagons and CIA cybersecurity exposing shit they tried to hide from the rest of 5he world. technology cant be trusted period. for those who aren’t ignorant to what really happens around the globe will know what I’m getting at. the only way to truely communicate with someone else privately is with 2 paper cups and some string. the old school way​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:

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Hypothetical yes, currently using “nerf” blasters.

We apparently have all the materials to theoretically construct a qcb house. We are appreantally looking to have it ready for a game at the end of the month, supposedly. I cannot confirm nor deny that it will be apx 6m by 15m with some rooms and corridors, it’s just a concept at the moment.

If your interested in attending the “nerf” event PM me for details

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How do I get in on this? Hoping to take my nerf blasters for a spin!

Hey guys, I am in Bendigo and a few others too.
As a point of interest I have access to a forever supply of used tyres if you want some for the nerf grounds.

We have had some updates to the field
All the old structures blew down from the large storm a few weeks ago. We have rebuit and made multi room buildings, added a car, boat, caravan and stripped transit van.


I’m just new to this site and ‘nerf’ blasters in Vic, but have recently obtained a couple and have a big pile of upgrades on the way. I’m SE Melbourne, but keen to hopefully get up there for session soon.

Rural coppers are generally pretty good, also go out riding with their mates on weekends.