Problem Shooting CYMA JD-001

Hello guys,
After a bit of research and hours of youtube staring, I finally decided to buy a CYMA JD-001. First when I unboxed is looking dang good, solid material, and fine iron sight. But you know beauty is always trouble sigh.
Straight of the box and on Chronograph testing, it has a solid around 200 Fps. I’m happy with that and all but deep down still want this beauty to become a beast. After about 1 month searching for upgrading parts and stuff, I find out that the FPS is dropping to 150 fps??? (I didn’t fire it during the time searching for upgrades) and the Gels sometime fly off the barrel
Well then i swapped out the cylinder, nozzle, but still the same problem. Can you guys give me some advice? Thanks alot

Hi Mate.

Might be your spring. If it’s the stock one and been sitting compressed for a long time.

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As per Goku said could be spring. Replace the O’ring as well. Had a similar prob with second Wells I bought as a back up.
I just received my Shorty today and agree ootb a very solid blaster getting 240-250 fps average on week old AT yellow’s.

hi maties. much appreciate your suggestion but it still doesn’t feed well. Does it has anything to do with th Tee-piece?

Hi Mate. Did you fix the FPS issue? What have you changed/upgraded? Does the mag run smoothly? Are you using fresh gels? Is the new nozzle the same length/diameter as the stock one? Is the nozzle rubber glued on?

If the T peice is the stock one and you haven’t changed your barrel I’d say it would be something to do with the nozzle, tappet travel, gel size/age or mag feeding.