Problems with shooting

so when i plug in the battery and pull the trigger it just primes the mag and rarely shoots when it dose shoot it runs very sluggish i took out the motor and when i pull the trigger the motor works but when i put the motor back in it dose not shoot what am i doing wrong am i not charging the battery enough or is it a different problem ?

Check the connectors to the motor they or one will be loose is my guess

Does the blow back side plate thing work o.o?
(from memory it’s got this function?)

it dose but when i take it out it runs a lot smoother

I never used this blaster but by right if the plate thing is moving back and forth then the gearbox/piston is moving o.o?
(assuming the plate is connected to the piston)

If that’s the case then the motor is running…

Cooked motor maybe =.=?

yeah idk im just gonna leave the battery charging for a bit and see how it goes

It a common thing that happens if the motor connectors are loose, the mag will still run but the motor doesn’t , I see this weekly with blasters I work on for friends.
If they are both perfect then its likely the motor.


yeah ok ill try when when it charges if its still like that ill check the connections

He said his ejector port plate thingy is moving tho

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yeah it dose move but runs super sluggish with it on i took it off and left the battery on for like an hour an a half and its running so much better i think im just rushing to use it and charging the battery for like 15 mins because its my first blaster

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Lol impatientience is something none of us are stranger’s to :+1:

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