Project "nuts ROF"

hey all.
lookin at building something with a ROF as high as i can take it without it exploding in my hands.
would 9:1 or lower even work in a gel blaster? i seem to think it may be a little too quick or would you stick to a 13:1.
something like an M170 for a spring.
also with this running would you high speed the motor or high torque.
ive only ever built power, not speed, so it’s new territory.
and i’m just automatically assuming a billet alloy box is a must because a nylon would explode on me right?


13:1 with an M170 spring will require very high torque.
Yes you will need a CNC metal box.
9:1 is normally a DSG (Double sector gear)

DSG is still 18:1 ratio but the sector gear has two sectors so you get two pulls per revolution, effectively doubling the ROF.
Skill will be required or headaches I see in your future :rofl:


yaaaayyyy, can’t wait until i want to burn my house down again


Some people never learn much like myself…expect a dial friend call from me too :sweat_smile:


You allready know too much :rofl:

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EDIT: Stupid Idea :face_with_head_bandage: don’t worry

Had a good teacher because we live in different towns so I cant shoot his ass off :rofl:

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