Public consultation on Gel Blasters and other Replica Firearms

Every response helps.

Im in SA but did it anyway, l hope it helps, what a money grabbing joke.

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Yeah, thanks for doing it. You guys might follow suit, hopefully not though. Guess we just have to play the game and hope for the best.

In SA too and filled out. Here’s hoping for a good outcome for all of us. We just want to have fun.

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Thanks man. Starting to feel like we are not entitled to have fun any more. As you, we are hoping for the best outcome. Thanks for taking the time bro.

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That’s right… they probably want people to take up knitting instead of blasters? Hey! Imagine a gel blaster with a knitting needle for a bayoonet?noidea

I reckon a US size 10.5 knitting needle, in titanium should do the trick? icon_e_ugeek pop

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haha now that is funny lmao fun police at it again unfortunately. I can knit too, Grandma taught me. :crazy_face:


Good one man. :laughing:

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Wish I had other skills man, I reckon knitting will be one of them lost arts soon. But definitely prefer a Gel Blaster. :grinning:

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I’m in nsw but I did the survey too. I think it reads a bit red necked but it gets the point across WITHOUT swear words too. Or rude gestures :vulcan_salute::tongue:.


Thanks bro, every completion counts man. :+1:t4:

I made a previous post about this

Something I recommend is people fill out the Survey more then once. I have written examples that break the survey down into the basic meanings and the best way to answer them. Your welcome to copy past sections all i ask is you do the survey more then once 3 times ideally use a different QLD postal Code even those out side the state i ask do it again with a QLD postal code i discus this in my last post

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This has been posted in the last hour. They just gonna do what they gonna do. Reasonable excuse to own a gel blaster.

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That’s easy. Just print up a business card saying:

The [your name] gel blaster Gaming Association

Official Member card.

Member number : 00001

Holder of this card agrees to purchase gel blasters and play safely with them while being a full member of this association.

Job done.


Ermm fun got left out… oh that’s right not allowed in current society. Enjoy Covid19 instead. bleh


That link to the government survey in the OP is fubar…

Anyone got a current link that hasn’t had the kybosch put on it? Be nice to see what we’re all talking about… :+1:

Thanks man, not too bad I guess.

Hey, you got an link to this? Thanks

Mate I think the consultation is over, I think they’re tabling a bill if they haven’t already?

Could we really do this Arty?
Will be great if we can.
Excellent idea, thanks.