Punisher V2 CQB

The things we do when we’re bored…

My old V2 Punisher was always a bit under powered and not the snappiest blaster, even running an 11.1v battery. So I decided to make it more CQB useful.

The alloy inner barrel was shortened to 190mm, outer barrel shortened to suit. I ported the 100% cylinder to give about 80% push, nothing precise, seat of the pants stuff. Reassembled with stock spring and green o ring, test fired and wow! Laser accurate to about 15 metres with a hop up, max usable range is about 25 metres. Haven’t chrono tested yet, but hits much harder.

Everything else is bog stock, but I plan to fit metal gears, hardwire it Gen 8 style and remove the mosfet (easyFet instead ) and replace the M4 buttstock with something more CQB. :+1:


Looks awesome, would be very interested in the chrono results.

What gears are you running with the 11v battery?

It’s running standard 18:1 nylons at the moment, standard spring, standard cylinder and a Gen 8 alloy nozzle with a modified t piece… yeah, that nozzle swap took some modification, wouldn’t recommend it. Metal internals will be going in soon, although the gearbox is plastic like the old school Gen 8s, so might swap out the gearbox housing for a stronger unit when the grip mounted mosfet’s out of the picture.

Out of the box it measured 240 FPS on the chrono, I’d guess it’s around 280 now. I’d like to keep it around that if I can. :+1:

Here’s a question for the wiring gurus…

If I remove the mosfet in the grip, all the wiring to the trigger’s redundant and will be rewired Gen 8 style. These Punishers don’t have a physical safety like the Gen 8s, safety’s through the mosfet… so rewiring means I’d lose fire select (no problem with that) but I’ll also lose safety, correct? If the battery’s in, it’ll fire with every press of the trigger.

I’m beginning to wonder whether it’d be easier to retro fit a Gen 8 gearbox into the Punisher receiver… :thinking:

this is correct.

i kept the mosfet in “mine” and added a second same as i did with the kriss to protect the fire modes