Punisher V2 Mosfet Removal

I’d like to run 11.1v in my Punisher V2. I’ve been told you can’t polish a turd but I’m not ready to give up on the little sucker just yet… also been told I’ll barbeque the mosfet in short order with prolonged use at the higher voltage.

My question is, the wiring on my Punisher is substantially smaller i.e. thinner gauge than on my JM Gen 8.5.

Do I need to upgrade all the wiring to handle the higher voltage or is removing the mosfet and running 11.1v okay?

add a second mosfet dedicated to switching the motor current

the issue isn’t one of voltage but duarability

by removing the load from the stock mosfet, you can run 11v without fuss

any old active brake mosfet and a reed relay will work nicely.

there is enough space under the stock mosfet to add in the components…its fiddly though


That’s got to be better than a total rewire…

I’m assuming that by running a second mosfet I keep the semi- auto, zeHamish? Not that I really mind about losing it.

I’m pretty strong with mechanical mods, but the electronics side of it throws me a bit. Any recommendations for a tech on the northside to do the work? Cos if it’s fiddly, it’s likely to end up fubar with me doing it. :joy:

this is what you need


Ah, thanks for that link, man… you know what they say…

No guts, no glory :joy:

might take you an hour :slight_smile:

Famous last words :rofl:


So you’re gonna need to pardon my lack of electronic acumen, but would this be what I’d be using?

Looks like it’s wired inline with the pos & neg motor wires and the trigger switch… be keen to hear your opinion on wiring it like this as opposed to behind the existing mosfet… :thinking:

wiring it directly in as a replacement will do away with fire modes and mag prime

it’ll work though.

to wire this one in solo you’re better off pulling out all the existing wiring rather than using it.

I was thinking more as additional… as a second mosfet to reduce load on the trigger board…

Would that work?

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While still trying to keep the semi auto option and run 11.1v battery.

this is my preference usually

link posted above for that

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