Punisher V2 Upgrade Issues

Fairly new to gel blasters and was after advice re upgrades. Anyone know if upgrading plunger springs can result in gels getting smashed in flight?

My Punisher V2, stock with the exception of an alloy barrel and hopup, was (mostly) easily hitting a pine tree in my backyard 30+ metres away. Just upgraded the spring to 1.3, a moderate upgrade I would have thought, and gels are getting smashed or exiting the barrel split in two, with the hop up on or off.

Changed back to the stock spring and all good again. I use orange Ausgels, do I need to change to harder gels? If I change to milkys is the smaller size going to mean a drop in range with the 7.5 mm alloy barrel?

Any advice from the more experience is much appreciated. :+1:

I found the stock coloured Ausgels were getting smashed after I put in the unequal 1.18mm spring. Switched to Ausgel hardened milkies and the problem has gone away.


Yeah, I thought hardened milkies might be the go. I also noticed the mag primer seems to be filling the feed tube but not pushing gels into the t-piece breech, but only since fitting the alloy barrel. Have to dry fire a couple of times to get them on the move. Hopefully milkies being a bit smaller will fix that issue too. :thinking:

That one I don’t know, when I changed from stock plastic to alloy 7.5mm I didn’t notice any difference except everything shooting straighter. Just check you didn’t get any excess epoxy in the t-piece when you were gluing the new barrel in.

Funny thing is, this was glued in by a tech instore… I bought the alloy barrel and hopup and before I could say “nooooo!” he’d punched the pins out on the counter, was taking the front screws out of the gearbox housing and ripping out the t piece. I figured “why not?”… saves me a job. I found out “why not” when I got it home. The barrel hadn’t been glued in right ( off centre, he hadn’t built up the OD of the alloy). Amongst other fubars.

5 minute araldite is a bitch… needless to say, fixed it myself, so all good. But definitely won’t be letting counter staff pull screws on any of my blasters again. :joy: