Purple chihai 8.4 volt 31000rpm

Hay anyone else had any issuses with the purple chahai , thebone that 3100 at 8.4 volts. I runung a 11.1 volt battrey with it. Mine drains the battrey very quick, i talking like 5 min game play. I checked the wiring and tryed it in two gear boxed and it dose the same thing. images.jpeg-1

Off course they do , it a very high speed motor even on 8.4v and guys want to run it on 11.1v , physics tell you that it will suck your battery dry :wink:

I juat thout being hight torque as well it shoukd havw been fine

Plus rhe one i have is only 31000

It just marketing hype, high speed is low torque, even 31000 at 8.4 is very high speed


What battery? Some are better than others. And some lie about how big they really are.

Tryed it on a tachical version 1200 batrey and also a a nano battrey both have the same result

1200mAh is not a lot.
Do you have any batteries in the 4000mAh or higher range?

It might be a dodgy motor? I can run 1 boslipo battery labelled 1200mah but probably closer to 1000 for a 4-5 hour session! Most my blasters run hi speed motors and 1.4 springs.
You should try another motor and see what happens!

That what i though, it donw it in two differend gear boxes. My other chihai 480 red is alot better on the battrey and it a 40000 motor high speed/toque

Do you run that purple Chihai motor on 3s ?
Every one I have used sucks the battery dry in 3 or 4 mags even on 1.2mm spring and heats stock wiring beyond a comfortable level.

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It’s 40000 at 11.1v not 39000 at 8.4v like the Purple motor

I run the silver wire kit in it, and the purple ia 31000 at 8.4 not 39000

One of the battrey it killed was a nano tech 3 cell 25-50 am discharge

I assumed the 31000 was a typo considering the picture you posted was of the 39000 motor.
Maybe the motor you have is a fake ?
I haven’t seen a purple Chihai 31000 motor

I reluctantly fitted one in a friends blaster recently, I advised againt it on 3s lipo but he had to have it :frowning:
He has destroyed every battery he has because of it !

I posted the 39000 pic because i could not find a 31000 pic. It is a guenine motor i only seen a hand full of them. I thing i juat going to get rid of it because it killing my battreys

At the end of the day you can do and choose what you like, but for a relative beginner my advise if you want a low maintenance low stress set up, go for the 480 CHGBB red or the Chihai M150 gold motor on 18:1 ratio and use a quality 2s 8.4 Lipo.
Or if you are prepared to sacrifice some battery life but want a higher rof you can also use 3s 11.1v Lipo.
I have built a lot of blasters using this combination and they perform very efficiently.

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How do you know it’s genuine?
Or Maybe the 31000 is a misprint and it is infact the same motor ?
Idk but I have never seen one

the 31k motor is the entry level purple.