QBU88 - Anyone encountered one in the wild?

Hi all,

So I splashed out and ordered myself a (late) xmas gift of a QBU88 Bullpup Sniper Blaster.
Now I know that the sniper-types aren’t exactly everyone’s cup of warm-beverage, but being an unrepentant member of the Bullpup Brigade, I saw this beast and knew I had to have one for my collection - even if only as a can-plinker for the backyard.

Now that the preamble is out of the way - has anyone encountered one of these or even owned one of these? Any ideas on what can be done insofar as upgrades?

Store-page link for reference…


Hope. I like the idea though

Look forward to your first impressions review


Oh, is that made of nylon?

Likewise …

It arrived today; so here we go…

Here we have an ABS critter, the bipod is flimsy, the scope is surprisingly good though - adjustable with some degree of zoom.
Mechanical magazine that works from a drop-switch at the top.

The front outer barrel doesn’t cover ANY inner barrel which terminates at the join just above the bipod.

Gels where getting about 10 metres and accuracy is… difficult to judge right now due to afternoon sea-breezes.

I will start looking into upgrading - I think it’s worthwhile

Oh and it is 127cm end to end


And now for some raunchy internal shots :wink:

The plastic internal barrel (I am being charitable here) is only 19cm long, initially 8mm wide and terminates with a connector that opens to 10mm wide.


They’ve dropped them down to $69 so I sprang for one - on its way. I have a modern PLA uniform it can go with (swapped at an army shooting competition). Will be interested in seeing how it can be modded up. From basic research the actual barrel wasn’t as long as what the GB would have you believe.

Did anyone upgrade the rifle i just bought one waiting for it to arrive ??