Quad rail end cap - Make pretty

Hi all so i’ve almost finished the first phase of the J9 build, Gearbox is metal gear 18:1, O ring, SHSPiston , 1.3 spring, 35cm 7.5 inner alloy barrel and silver wiring running 11v of course. Had tonnes of issues but worked them out : )
Still need to do the motor and workout how to get my new pistol grip installed - screws don’t reach the gearbox…

Anyway my question is I have a 12" quad rail guard installed with a Ryzer hopup(No stabiliser yet) i need to make the end look pretty does anywhere in bris sell end caps for these or should i be looking at something else?
Also was thinking how i’m going to hide the hopup inside a muzzle flash or silencer.

Any tips from the pros on what parts i should try and source locally as i cbf waiting for international shiping :slight_smile:

If your outer barrel is 19mm you can buy suppressors/silencers with 19mm bore that slip over it and grub screws secure it.
These will cover any hop up.
The hop up in this pic is quite large.

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perfect its got the stock outer barrel still, pretty sure its 19mm

You could just use a 2nd outer barrel stabiliser as an end cap.

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