Quality? simply, yes

i absolutely have to give a bix shout out to MK tactical having received one of their V2 CNC boxes today.

full dislosure, i have a Retro Arms split CNC which i adore.

first impression, clean, generic == good

now that i’ve had a chance to really study it it is clear allot of thought and attention to detail has taken place.

would i buy one, does it compare to what i have? yes and yes.

bottom line, i need to run up some STLs and have MK Tactical run out customs for me.

I am very impressed with what i received today. I will definitely support this australian manufacturer.


Mate, they’re tip-top. Shimming the gears is an absolute dream, and everything fits together so well. I’d also definately buy from these guys again; apparently they’re working on a V3 at the moment - shut up and take my money.