Question about Gear Ratios

Just wondering this:

If you had a MOSFET in your blaster to change the rate of fire to, for argument’s sake, 10 RPS… assuming all of the running gear is the same, what would be the best gear ratio for minimal stress?

Say, between 13:1, 18:1, 32:1. All sped up / slowed down to shoot at the same speed - which ratio puts less stress on the gearbox?

There’s a chance that this doesn’t make sense. Just trying to understand gear ratio more. To me, 13:1 is just f’n mental.

A brushless motor and ESC would do this splendidly.

it has to fit into our kit though

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13 - 1 with a 2S battery would be almost as rapid ROF as a 3S at 18 - 1

To run 2S on a heavy spring, the battery would have to be heavier duty than the little ones we run stock and the motor would have to be a low KV so lots of torque.

32 - 1 would cycle so slow with 2S, and with an 11.1v battery would cycle about the same ROF as a stock blaster

If 9 - 1 was used with a 3S battery… it would fire so fast you would be lucky to hang onto the thing…


Why are there no brushless motors available for blasters? :thinking:

To put it simply, if the gears were in a car, 32 - 1 would be like first gear, 18 - 1 would be like second, 13 - 1 like third and 9-1 would be like 4th.

Imagine a stock 2S blaster trying to turn 9 - 1 gears… would be like trying to take off in a 4 speed car in 4th gear…:upside_down_face:

there are two for AS

but its the shape of the motors that does it to us.

we’d either need a fatter grip or sacrifice windings and end up with a smaller motor

i’m working on the pickle in the back of my head

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Instead of attaching a grip, just bolt on a Makita lithium ion impact driver? Grip, battery and brushless motor sorted, all in the one go!

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Then, if you lend your blaster to someone and want it back… you just need to say “Give me my Makita back Mack!” :grin: