Question about growing gell balls pt.2 update

as previous post, on the 16th i grew my first batch of gel balls
initial test shows a some improvement on consistency on grouping and distance of each shot fire,
same night i have moved the get into a little container, put a layer of tissue on top and put the lid back on, shakes it around for a little so the tissue sucks up the left over water.
repeated that a couple time to make sure its mostly dry, then put it inside a dry bottle.

i know (at lease from what i’ve read so far) best way is to store them with bit of water inside the fridge, but i am curious to see what happens if left dry, and how long they take to shrink back down to little balls again, so i left them sitting inside the bottle in my room.

however until today they haven’t seems to shrink much, so i decided to use them up and see how they perform now, and LOL did the consistency drop :joy:
some actually came out in little pieces, distance and accuracy is all over the place, and it would randomly fire 2 gels at the same time in single mode.

So i now know NOT to leave the gels sitting dry :sweat_smile:
but, what is the maximum time frame i could leave a batch of gel sitting dry before using them up?
and if i store it properly with water and inside the fridge, how long can i leave them in there for them to still be “fresh”?

I found they start to shrink after a day or two, even in the fridge.

A full bottle of gels left in the fridge dry for a couple of days came out significantly less full and swelled up to fill the bottle again when I resoaked.

So grow some balls the day before you hit the field :joy:


Being in vic we don’t actually have a field, sadly :frowning:
I am just shooting target in the backyard lol

I see, and does resoaked gels retain it’s original quality? Like with my batch that left dried, I am getting some breakage out of barrel, which was not a issue when they’re freah.

Also what if I just leave them sitting in a bucket of water for x amount of time? From what I heard the gel won’t get any bigger than it’s full grown size, but will over soaking effect it’s structural integrity in anyway?

I store mine dry in a sealed container and they don’t change at all even after 3 weeks.
And still perfectly usable and not soft at all.
It must be what is in your water, the brand or something else :thinking:

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U grow with those destilled water o.o?
I am using tap water, maybe thats why

No I won’t waste another $4 per 10,000 gels on top of the price of the gels.
I did find the distilled water made them grow a fraction larger but no more consistent than with the tap water we have here

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Interesting o.O
I need to grow a couple more batch to test and see what happens then

Don’t wanna be the downer here, but as an ex Mexican myself I’m pretty sure gel blasters are not legal in Vic? :thinking:

Not that I care what goes on south of the border anymore :joy:

Anyway, I wouldn’t grow gels with the tap water in Vic… too many chemical additives… I wouldn’t even drink the stuff :joy:

I have found the key to storing hydrated gels is using the air tight containers. I store mine dry and in old fertilizer buckets (after a really good wash of course) and they last weeks, if not months with no noticeable difference. I keep the buckets in a cool, dry place in my house. They don’t like heat and/or sunlight.


It is illegal, but I am not walking aroubd with it so I guess I am ok? Lol

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Noted, so it seems the key point is for it to be air tight.
I might buy some of those plastic launch container with rubber seals around, see if they any good

If I know my Vic Pol, and I do, keeping your blaster in your backyard won’t matter to them. :joy:

Not trying to preach, it’s up to you. :+1:

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I understand man, generally I respect the law.

But to be honest, doesn’t matter what the gov and cops say, at the end of the day it’s a toy, and I have no plan on pointing it at anyone even just for a laugh, nor will I take it outside if my backyard unless invited to a game locally.

To me it’s just for a bit of target shooting after work, and to some kill time trying to work out what mods and such to add to it.


Oh yeah I get that… and good for you.

Living in Vic most of my life though has definitely woken me up to the fact that the fun police are well and truly out in force down there…

One of the reasons I moved up to this magnificent state :+1:

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yah QLD seems to be pretty chill place to be,
i remember the first time i went to gold coast, went to the shopping center with my ex,
as we go up the escalator to the second floor i heard ■■■ shot and was like wth.
turn out there is a shooting range on the second floor lol, inside a shopping center :joy: :ok_hand:


Yeah nah yeah… in Sydney if you are in a shopping center and you hear shots… it is usually just a massicre pop


Probably the only annoying person here is Hamish… oh, and Marty… oh and Iron spear… and… ok, I better stop now laughing (1)


Well nice of you to leave me out again :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

laughing (1) badluck pop rofl

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