Question for anybody with an MP5K

My understanding is that the HQ shell kit fits onto a pre-existing blaster – does this effect performance at all? And what blaster is it for – the LDT MP5 or an older version from a different brand? Sorry for the dumb questions, I’m coming into this blind, I just know I’ve always loved the profile of the MP5K and was curious as to whether it would be worth picking one up and how much it would set me back.

Also curious if anybody has a kitted-out blaster they’d be willing to part with, and how much they’d ask for it? As I don’t think I’d want to try to source a shell separately, would take forever.

This isn’t a WTB thread as it’s more just putting feelers out there to see if I can suss it as a birthday present to myself in a few months haha

From what I understand those kits require just the internals to set up. I believe they fit a gen 8 gearbox. But I could be wrong. Their fairly old. But there is a mp5k coming out by ldt at some point. Don’t know when though


Ahhhh makes sense! I’d be shit-scared to try to put one together myself, I’ve got terrible luck with stuff like that. Would buy a completed one from somebody if they had one!

But maybe I should wait for the LDT? I got my HK416D and love the quality of it. Wonder how long I’ll be waiting though! Couldn’t find anything about it in Google.

I have one. They are an MP5k shell that has everything except the gearbox. They are a bit light and are made from ABS plastic. I sling mine as a secondary as I run it on an 11 volt so it has a fast rate of fire. Really good for CQB, but has no select fire. Auto and safe. The double stack mag it comes with holds more than an ACR mag.

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Im putting together a shell at the moment. It come basically empty. So far i have

a metal gen 8 box(needs mods to fit)
All wiring with custom mag terminal plate
Alloy barrel
11.1 battery (from my alphaking will prob put it inside the front hand grip)

Edit: i hope ldt do bring out nylon one because the build quality of the hq is average at best and not very sturdy.

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A lot I’m pretty sure got delayed from COVID though. So my guess is mp5k. Ksg and mp7 next year. HeArd thT the ump and striker are by end of year.