Questions about how magazines feed gels

Ok, just wondering if people can share their knowledge on gel magazines and how they feed.
Basically the motor in the mag runs whenever the gearbox motor runs.

But it’s at a set speed, so if you change from 18:1 gears to 12:1 or put in a dual sector gear, the gels will still feed at the same rate. That would mean some strokes of the piston will be on an empty chamber?

If the magazine motor feeds faster than the gearbox cycles, then wouldn’t that mean it’s chewing up gels trying to force the into a t-piece that’s got a backed up queue?

I know the AS version uses a spring that turns the wheel to push balls up whenever there is a space (and the hard balls don’t squish like the gels)

So is that the basis of gel blaster magazines too?
The motor is hopefully fast enough to feed and keep up,
But not powerful enough to crush the gels if it feeds too fast.
Sturdy enough not to burn out if powered but stalled?

Love to hear your thoughts and findings :grin:

:face_with_monocle: there are clear magazines, I should’ve brought one to experiment.

So some things I’ve found that may or may not help.

I’ve found some magazines can’t feed fast enough like you mentioned. When I’ve opened up a gen 9 to compare with a wells which can feed a lot faster.
I found the gen 9 had a two cog system compared to the wells which has one. So must be a ratio thing as both motors are identical.

Second thing is with my PDW drum mag I was testing its feeding speed, so just watching the gels exit really.
When finished I went to empty it, I pulled on the the little stopper thing on the top the gels sprayed out.
So instead of the gels being crushed they must have been forced into the feeding tube causing some sort of pressure and bamo :boom: I almost lost an eye…lol


rpm blasters said same thing about gen9 vs gen8, that gen9 slowed down with second cog

Love to see inside one of those drum mags they just look ugly as hell… Practical, but ugly…


Your wish is my command :+1:


Magazines feed faster than is required by a standard blaster especially on 3s Lipo.
But it not a problem because the cog wheel only loosely cups and pushes them up the feed tube and if there is a back log then the cog can just skip over the top of the slippery soft gels by deforming them slightly without mashing them up plus there is a curved cut out in the bottom of the feed tube for that reason, it allows the backed up gels to go back in the the magazine.
This is the reason why you can have gels not feeding properly when using gels at 7mm or smaller for tight bore barrels.
If crappy soft weak gels are used then it can mash them up .


Here is a close up with 7.2mm gels in the cog wheel, as you can see they are a fairly loose fit .


Thanks so so much @Rattler Been wanting to get my head around that part of the puzzle. This will help anyone else who is wondering too.

Interesting that the drum is only half used, but then there is the magazine part too.

I think I need to design my own sci-fi looking mag, the standard ones don’t look the part and the short ones don’t hold enough…

Something else I discovered, those p90 mags are not as forgiving with skipping over gels. Pretty much scrambled eggs if the timing is out too much…

I’ll also checkout all the various mags I have for that cut out at the bottom of the feed tube… Don’t think they all have that (well never noticed anyway)


Yes the P90 uses the spring so it is not forgiving .

When will you be taking pre orders for the sci-fi drum mags :sunglasses:

Soon as I get a milling machine, convert it to CNC and get used to it.

I have so many designs in my head. If I can get it all set up by end of December, I’m thinking February is going to be very interesting if people are interested in railguns, plasma and pulse rifles :nerd_face:


Pfff , Rail, pulse and plasma rifles are old hat.
The new Quantum dynamic string Therory rifles are where is at now :joy::rofl:

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Hey guys. I have a P90v3 with a 12v li-ion battery and green o ring. The issue I have is the mag capacity not holding enough gels. I currenlty run 2 mags back to back which I flip once the first mag is empty. After playing a night game, changing mags and refilling got old fast. So this is what I’m thinking. A custom second large capacity mag that feeds into the primary mag once it runs out. Im using perspex for the casing, the feed wheel from a m4 mag. I’ll use a switch to activate the second mag. Just need to work out the spring. Has anyone made anything simular? Would love some ideas.

If using the correct spring rate it shouldn’t damage the gels as it feeds. I have thought about trying to get an AS mag and drill out the feed tube a little larger and play with spring rates, just haven’t had the time (or doubt it would make it through customs) :frowning: