Quick cylinder head question

Hey everyone , just wondering if I should epoxy this red rubber absorber in. First thing i did was pull it out to see how well it was in . Dont really trust it staying there.

It was sposed to be flatter with a green oring there , or is it the same and an oring will work too.
And now it will be a few mm longer inside ,will that matter?


Yeah definitely epoxy or some other strong glue. I used the gorilla super glue gel and I was really surprised at how strong it is.

Being a few mm longer won’t matter and will probably help benefit your AOE slightly anyway. :+1:t3:

Pretty sure I have a tube of that , or the tarzan cant remeber . Cheers

Sorry I meant definitely epoxy or something of that kind!:rofl:

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Epoxy it is!! Haha

I’ve used araldite 2 part with success before, I’d like to try that gorilla gel and see how it goes.

Wasnt sure how it would go with continual impact if the glue would be too hard or something…

Ive had no dramas yet, some others might be able to share what products they use though! Always open to try new stuff! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Also alot of my stuff i get is this X brand , what are people’s thoughts and are you running any X gear?

I use their brass double oring cyl head and nozzle in my mpx/gen9 and it seems to work great. Can’t comment on the cylinder though but I’d imagine it would be sweet?