Quick look inside New Warinterest LDT 3.0 Metal Gearbox

Here’s a little peek at the “Warinterest 3.0” metal geared, quick spring release gearbox.

Comes with 18:1 metal gears. The gears seem pretty good quality, identical to the raw / unpainted Fighting Bro gearsets. The spring provided is a 1.2mm. We have fitted one of these to a HK and it was surprising to note that the gearbox didn’t seem any louder than the nylon gearboxes. The other gearbox had an issue with the fire select. The trigger safety guard stayed on when selecting semi auto, so no trigger action, but after selecting full auto then back to semi, the guard released slowing semi auto fire. I’ve pulled the box apart to check the selector plate / trigger etc… but found no problems… The fire select seems to work as it should after bench testing the gearbox


Sorry about that handgrip photo, can’t seem to get rid of it. The spring guide seems to be unique, not like any that I have laying around.

Thanks for taking the time to post. Apart from the quick release spring can you see any other improvements compared to the previous gbox? Have they improved the top of the box where it splits above the cylinder?

does this also allow the bolt release to be used instead of it being a gimmick and are the gears cast metal or steel

That’s some decent internals for a stock box TBH. Are we seeing these in LDT 416’s now?

No worries mate. I just noticed the front of the gearbox is recessed a little for the T-Piece. I never had an issue with the old gearbox, as long as I lined the T up by looking through the magwell. I guess the new gearbox would be a touch easier to line up…? Ill post some more pics. And no, the top of the gearbox is identical, so no improvement there. I always chuck two extra screws up there, an attempt to add some extra support. Just make sure to pre drill the screw holes and keep em straight; there’s not much “meat” there. But I suppose it may have to be like that so the blow back kit can be fitted. Definitely needs more reinforcement though, thumbs down guys!

Sorry to anyone I have confused or mislead. I just re read the title of this thread and I’ve I worded it wrong. I meant to say “Warinterest 3.0 Metal geared nylon gearbox” I worded it as if the whole gearbox shell is of metal construction. I apologise for the mistake!

I’m not sure about that one… Have you seen / heard about the new HK416D 3.0?
I hope this isn’t the box to go in because it so badly needs more strength above the cylinder
There’s a little bit of information on LDT’s Facebook page, and the “Gel blaster mods Australia” Facebook page has some info.

Oh and here is the slight difference between old and new where the t-piece Meets gearbox

The t-piece is still the same