Quick review LH AUG

After receiving the new AUG I had a quick play around with it last night. It is weighted nice and feels good to hold. A nice finish to the body although the flash hider doesn’t screw up tight but isn’t to lose to fall off. It assembled pretty easy. One tip is to lube the mag priming rod as it is tight and dry. Refer picture.

I should have a Chrono this week so I will post up some figures when I get them, I’ll do that before changing out the spring etc. Not sure of distance as i haven’t had a chance to use through the day to gauge it.

Cheers WhiteYeti.


Forgot to mention mag comes apart for cleaning easy.

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Very nice brother most mags are stock with 1 gear and that’s sporting 2. NOICE!:+1:. Is that the new v3 aug or v2

The new one mate.

:exploding_head: that looks mean which place did you get from

Hawkex Tactical mate.

Very good, looking at getting one of these myself.
Must do a few upgrades to it though, to improve the accuracy & appearance.
Install a metal inner & outer barrel, metal flash hider, and a metal picattanny upper rail. At least that’s what I would do.

I sorta can’t decide weather I like it or not :thinking:
Maybe with a cool camo hydo dip or paint job idk.
Hell if it was a bit cheaper I would buy one just to see :rofl:

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A little update, I replaced the ported cylinder for a full cylinder out of a Gen 8 box, put a green O’ring in and a 1.2 spring. She went from 210-220 fps to 260-270 fps. It too all of 45 mins to do and that was having a smoke a Bundy while doing it. Gbox will come out of the blaster in 5 mins max.

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It’s amazing the determination you can get when it’s can o’clock :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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True that Mm and boredom :joy:

Hey mate where did you get your upgrades from?

I used a old brass cylinder from a Gen 8 that i replaced, gave it a polish with Brasso. A new green O’ring I had and a 1.2 spring I had laying around. I have a Gen 8 Cyl head and nozzle coming that I’ll put in. Also have a short outer barrel, t piece and hop up coming as well from Gell Ball Mod. I may even put a stainless cylinder in yet.

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Awesome!! So any gen 8 part will fit the V3 aug A2 gearboxes?

Not sure about the cylinder head, I didn"t have a old to compare with. I have a new Cylinder head/nozzle coming this week. I’m going to suss that out but it did look the same.

Any more tales to share on this blaster, @WhiteYeti? Whilst I’m upgrading one gearbox and sourcing parts for another gearbox - I’m thinking of getting one of these or a Vector for a laugh.

I like the AUG, mainly because it’s newer, but I’ve read a review or two about some build quality issues.

To be honest mate I have both and can’t complain about either. I have some goodies rocking up next week hopefully for the AUG. Wanting to set the AUG up as multipurpose CQB and field.

I’d want to pick up one for something different. Either one modified looks really cool. Is the performance on both pretty similar, even though the configuration is totally different?

I love this look, like something RoboCop would use:


That’s not my pic, by the way - just read the rules on the forum! Feel free to empty a mag at me from 10 metres.

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I’m going on hold you to that lol hope you reflexes like Mr Anderson from matrix .as 360fps will get you moving fast