Radios - "No Comms - No Bombs"


I was wondering what radio systems people are carrying on the battlefield?


Havent had the chance yet to head up to the Qld fields from here ( Vic) but I’d assume it would be just handheld 2way UHF radios. Uniden have decent ones and fair priced

Baofeng uv82 is a good radio. You can have 2 channels open at once and talk on either.


I have watched some of the ‘Grom Squad’ videos where the people riding Honda Groms talk to each other with helmet mounted intercoms?

I am not sure if it is something thru their smart phones or some sort of intercom set?

Having hand held would be annoying, plus could give away position…

Having an earplug in is pretty annoying and it makes it hard to hear your surroundings.

i just use these bad boys


Used to have a pair of military PRR radios that were awesome. They operate on the 2.4G wifi band, and are pretty secure. About 500m range.

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Im considering the baofeng uv82 and the bf-f8 if anyone knows anything on these. Azraels did stock the bf-f8 at one time.

I have a set of the bf-888s and theyre good to play with and the kids love them , but without the cable i cant programme channels.
Ive had these at a few workplaces and normally channels 1-16 are dead air unless your workmate is on the same channel etc.

At the last place i worked these bf888s were able to listen in on the truckies channel and was so good to listen to ,bloody funny people on there. How was this possible? Someone had to have programmed the stations? I cant get any results scanning.


Also the legalities? , aparently the bf888s arent until reprogrammed. And looking at this list the ither ines can only really use between 220 and 230? Does it really matter. I live kinda close to an airport haha.


None of the Baofengs are legal. Just program the UHF 80 channels in and you will be fine. Just have to be sensible with them. Uv82s are what have and work great. You have the ability to listen to two channels and talk on either because it has 2 PTT buttons. Get the program cable for it when u buy and 80 channels go on in a second. You can also listen to the ISS if you have the right freqs.

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Awesome cheers. Will i just need the cable? Or need the software disc , or is it online too?

Can’t remeber exactly, been a year since I did mine. I think the software is called chirp. Cable is well worth it. U can also get throat Mike and headsets. Make sure when you buy a mic speaker on the curly cord that you get the one with dual PTT buttons. Run the radio on its lowest power setting and it Will last for ages. If you are going to go throat Mike or helmet mount then go the UV5. You loose the dual PTT function with headset or throat Mike. My club use one channel for squad leaders and another for squad so thats a function that was important to me. If its not important to you, go the uv5 as its smaller.

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Yeah i figured Chirp seems to be the common go to. Doubt i will go the headset throat mike just yet , really just want the speaker mike to attach to my shoulder. Yeah 2 active channels doesn’t bother me yet but I can see the advantages.

Defo like the looks of the uv-5r and bf-f8 over the uv-82