Re-build fail - feeding and single fire

I am new to Gel Blasters,
Bought an Alpha King AK105, pulled it apart and put in Green O-ring, and tried upgrading spring from the stock 1.16 to a 1.4, an I couldn’t barely get it in without the spring deforming (it was also longer than the stock spring), so I cut it short by like 10mm and got it in much easier.
I put the gearbox back together, and now I have two issues.
I have lost single fire;
and the magazine no longer appears to be feeding.

Can anyone familiar with these issues provide me with a detailed trouble shooting checklist. thank you.

Not sure about the AKs, but fire selector switch played up with my M4 after pulling the receiver apart for a barrel swap for me.

Are the other switch positions working normally? Safe still good, just lost single fire?

Turned out to be the selector rack being in the wrong position when the gearbox was put back in the receiver shell. Pulled it back out, put the rack into the safety position, made sure the switch was set to safety so that it meshed with the switch gears properly. Bingo…

Worth a look at where that rack’s sitting.

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Did you make sure the selector gears went back together the same way they were originally?
On my 74MS I took a photo of the way they sat before taking them off.

Also, did you try moving the fire select lever down a little past the “semi” notch in the receiver? Seems the positioning can be a bit off in some of these.

The magazine - maybe the two metal contacts in the receiver have been bent down a little. You can pull them back up to get better contact with the mag.

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thanks you two for your help.

single fire - I found when i had put the external gears in place, i was out of alignment by one cog…

feeding - was not getting enough metal contact to the magazine, so bent the prongs outward a few mm


Glad to be of help. Good to see you got it working.

What sort of FPS are you getting @gblastin ?

don’t have a chrono, but…
out of the box, i was very impressed, so safe to assume i was getting what the reviews say (270ish?)
with the o-ring and 1.4spring (again note i did cut it down 10mm), the FPS was greatly improved, but no idea actual value… 300+ surely?

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Ya gotta watch the position of that selector switch and rack… I have two different M4s, every time I open them up I have to think about where the switch should be… Punisher’s gotta be on safety… Gen 8s gotta be on auto… :thinking:

Glad you got it sorted, welcome to the world of crawling around on the floor looking for tiny screws, screw tabs and nuts… :joy::+1: