Receiver pins went missing

Hey guys anybody got a link for where I can get some receiver pins.
The receiver I have is a MUR-1 made by MAUPOL
My back one fell out at a game on the weekend, I cant find much on Ebay.
the one I’m interested in is the back one that is 25mm long but I wouldn’t mind maybe grabbing a couple sets just in case it happens again.
I will be putting low strength Loctite and a split washer on them from now on.

Can you measure the other one and post all of the dimensions and whether it has a screw or circlip to hold it in… then we can compare with other model pins?

If you know the diameter, you may be able to find a hex bolt or cap head bolt that has enough shank (between bottom of head and where the thread starts)… and make a pin? :+1:

Hey mate xforce and chainsaw both sell them they are nice shiny ones too they do fit that receiver I have them in mine

Front pins are 30mm long with a 6mm diameter rear is 25mm x 6mm bloke


@Kenny is this it

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Yep that’s them not a fan of the small pin tho seems a bit to smooth to stay in place

Pretty sure gel ball mod sells them too for a little less👍

xforce will be quicker thanks mate.