Recent purchases thread

Just thought Id start something to show off any recent purchases your pretty happy with or excited about , or maybe the opposite lol.

I got this from bunnings for my chrono as the normal stand is useless. Its nearly bigger than me. Bosch and was 49.95


Had this come in the mail the other day. The misses thought it was for work but for now its to port my cylinders


That is a good way of going about it Michael…

reminds me of this… More shops including blaster shops should offer this ‘service’ to customers, I reckon… Maybe even split payments… so you can pay $32 for your new blaster (showing on the credit card statement) and the other $300 to another place… so you can show ‘she who must be obeyed’ your credit card statement and ‘voila’ look… only $32 … sweetheart :grinning: I mean, would I lie to you??" :money_mouth_face:


Laugh til cry


Pretty happy with this ammo box I got while at the guhn shop. Lots had shit writing but this ones quite neat and its 7.62 yay


I wasnt looking for such a big one but oh well.
I can start to build up a collection of air tools and probably get an airbrush.

Air brushed art on receiver would be dope


How Bizarre eek

I have just spent the evening looking at compressors for air brushes… lol

Great minds think alike I guess… How much was that? Where from?

This is the one I am all but decided on…

I looked at the compressor and airbrush kits… but I thought these bigger ones are probably better value… can turn it on and pump it up once… then spray all night… rather than have a little dedicated airbrush compressor running all the time… like pop


I got it for 159 from autobarn on sale from 199 after checking out supercheap and bunnings etc. Most that price were a bit smaller and thought the same thing about the little ones , and this can take the use of proper tools . Already got a stapler for it as Ive always needed one for something and i can upholster aswell. Havent looked at airbrushes yet but next on the list for sure.


Does about $1000 in car pars count? :thinking::joy:


I am trying to decide what type of airbrush… the gravity ones are good positive paint flow… but the cup is part of the unit… the suction ones you can buy lots of jars and just change the color with a quick spray of some thinners between to remove the last color…

So, obviously… I will just buy about 6 of each type and 50 jars… that should get me started laughing (1)


Oh snap i havent even looked into it that far.
Rabbit hole

Might have not thought it through by getting the big one.

Just fired it up before and sounded like i have a helicopter in my apartment.

2nd thoughts already lol

Ordered an airbrush kit from Jacksons which looks decent and the sales girl ran me through all the paints etc nust ha e to wait for it to arrive at the shop.
@Calcifer its the non gravity fed type


Fuck I pissed in my drawers reading that mate! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Bloody hell that would’ve been so funny!


Hahaha. Im keeping itbfor sure .The neighbours will get used to it , ( just like ppl who live near an airport do😂) .
Just been using it , better pressure at the stapler end than some workplaces Ive been at.

Pre happy with this little ammo belt.

Walking round the house like rambo…

The quality of this 3d print shell holder is questionable. Looks like petrified wood


my most recent purchase lol


Ha the ol beckett snap tight. Do they still do a price guide.

Idont even recognize that brand of cards , got rid of all my cards in about 95/96 when really good cards value just dropped lol. Could be worth something now.

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Yeah the price guide is still going and they added a card grading service…hence the pic above…prices are crazy right now and continue to grow every week …the card above is produced by panini…it’s the panini prizm line from 2017-2018…they have the official NBA license…the only company from the 90s still around is upper deck… everything else is gone or owned by panini now. Cards I was buying for under $10 at the start of the year and now worth over $100+ …the more expensive ones are at insane prices how…Sydney house prices …no joke.

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I have none that expensive unfortunately lol…both this card and the previous are parallels of the insert card …but ones graded a BGS 9.5 and the other is a PSA 10.its not like it used to be at all in the 90s …there is so much too it now lol

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Its all about the inserts.

Actually it’s all about the silver rookies ( hard to explain) haha