Recent purchases thread

Yeah that’s the one. After seeing this pic I looked everywhere for this:

It’s glorious, but cannot seem to find any retailers stocking it?

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Accurate range is wherever you may be hiding :open_mouth: It’s Gen8 long barrel, surprisingly accurate out to quite a distance! Very disappointed with the accuracy of many of these V2 style new blasters :confused: 220-260 FPS max out any of them and bloody spraying gels/double feeding issues etc etc that have never experienced with any of the standard or highly modified Gen8’s.

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I make those myself😅
Steel with threaded alloy pressed insert to screw onto outer barrel.
That one is actually a CYMA (JUND) M4 CQB lower and buttstock with WELLS PDW9 upper and front hand guard :+1:


Nah bro, its a s light as me 650 only weighing 215kg, its very controlable

Wow that’s surprisingly light

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I knew it!
When I first saw a pic of this setup a little while ago I was drawn to the Barrel Shroud straight off, I like my Shrouds you see, and then put two and two together. One, I hadn’t seen it before either on Blaster or in store, and then two, username and the ingenuity that comes with, very nice, the inclination to do so as much as the completed Blaster and Shroud itself, nicely done.


New triggers have arrived!


Weights like a 650 goes like a Saturn 5 rocket booster

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Wow, colour me impressed. Well done, it’s a thing of beauty. I will keep my eye out for flash hiders that look similar I suppose, looks great.

Holy crap @dave05 !
Thanks heaps for the parts and postage, but was this meant to be ABF X-Ray proof and wrapped to look like a Colombian Cartel “package” :open_mouth:

Along with the other “gift” I received along with it today…I’m just sitting here shitting myself waiting for the TRG and helicopters to come swooping in!


The other package pretty handy but boring…

…the 3rd mystery package has blown my mind :open_mouth:


Picked up an Ausgel barrel + Cyma T piece and Tan foregrip for the tan CQB Cyma. :100: % cylinder for the MRT.
What do you fellas use to bond the t piece to barrel? Super glue or epoxy?

oops i sent you that one

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I was worried what it was until I opened it :joy:
Was waiting to see a few keys of Columbia’s finest marching powder!

I use a hot glue ■■■ , or selleys ultra repair

Thanks Ken

I tried tarzan grip for my first barrel replacement but it did not last. It does not like being twisted and it became a little loose when I was tightening up the foregrip.

YouTube consensus seems to say to use 5 minute epoxy but on the epoxy packet it warns you about using the resin with certain types of plastic. I bought 2 t-pieces for my Jund M4-CQB in case epoxy screws one up.

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Welcome mate.

But I have to disagree. Never ever ever use a permanent glue to bind them together. You never know just when you may need to seperate the 2.

If you use some hot glue on the end of the barrel then push it in while the glue is still hot it creates a seal and allows the barrel to stick like. Well glue :joy:. I use it for all my barrels and I’ve never had one ever come out on me.


I will give that a go tomorrow.

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Fuck I’ve been doing it wrong for three years ! Epoxy works perfectly and who gives a shit about a $5 t piece FFS 🤷