Recommended do it all blaster with decent accuracy

I’m looking for a versatile blaster that has fairly good accuracy and distance, with single shot functionality.

I’ve narrowed it down to either:

  • Kriss Vector V2
  • M4A1 Gen 9
  • ACR J10

It looks like I can get either of these off eBay for around $160 - $180.
I would also like to replace O-ring, spring, barrel, and get a hop up for increased power/accuracy.
With the Vector I believe I would also have to replace the cylinder to a non-ported style.

Which of these do you think is better suited, easier to work on, and better value for money?

Hi ffa, I would recommend the Gen9 as a first ‘all round’ blaster… easy to modify, but works ok (mine did) right out of the box

I have since done mine up with metal gears, bigger motor, 1.3 spring, seal and alloy barrel on 3S battery… but it is no more fun than when it was stock… just the mags empty twice as quick

On my advice, my friend bought a Gen9 as a first blaster and bird scarer… I fitted a seal and 1.3 spring for him… he is happy… the bird (hawke… he keeps chickens and ducks) isn’t happy… and he has tortured the Gen9 now for over a month… it is still reliable and working very well

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I agree with @Calcifer

Gen9 is a great blaster and very solid. The M4 platform is very popular so heaps of parts to upgrade with.

You sound like you’ve already got your head around the basics. For anyone else reading this wanting to really “get into” the awesome fun of modding gel blasters, the JM Gen9 is rather easy to pull apart, learn how it all works and what bits do what. Then all the other blasters are just a variation of that.


@Arty_Marty any thoughts on the M4A1 Gen “8.5” with nylon gearbox?

Does anyone know if these have semi auto mode for single shots?

It won’t have semi/full auto because it’s really just a gen 8 with a few parts changed.

You can add semi / full auto to any blaster with a mosfet of course. ($35 - $200+ depending on how many bells and whistles you want) and mosfets add other features too so i’d even get one for a gen9…

I’d go with the gen9 personally.

@Arty_Marty even if you could get a J10 ACR cheaper than a gen 9 M4A1?

Hiya mate!

It depends what you want to do to it.

I have to say if you can get a JM J10 ACR cheaper than a JM Gen9 and price was critical to you .
Then get the ACR. It “feels” better than the Gen9. (IMHO)

But if you want to try skirmishing straight away then the best for “Out of the box” performer between the ACR and the Gen9 would be the Gen9. (IMHO)

Pity you cant get a cheaper Vector cause for me that had to be the best OOTB performer. I love my Vectors.
(not in a biblical sense!) :blush:

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@IronSpear thanks for the insight, I could get the vector for cheap enough. The only thing stopping me is I thought it would be harder to make the vector as accurate as the Gen 9?

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I think your right there mate. The Vector is great for CQB OOTB.

Good luck choosing.

You should buy one of each really! LMAO! :smile:

Totally agree with @IronSpear that the ACR feels more solid. You could break down a door with that thing. It’s just a bit more limited in customising it. Not many options for barrels and a bit more tricky for the stock end too.

Blasters are like socks. Who the hell has just one sock? :rofl:


Everyone that has one leg :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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Even they buy more than one, they just use one at a time :slight_smile:


Depends on how your tech skills are as the gen9 is easier to teardown than the j10