Recommended Gels For Azraels AK

As per the title.
What is the best gel to run with these blasters?
Do you have a preference and why?

don’t know what the best are, but i had no success at all with standard gels.
They do not feed.

Armor techs were ok, but got jams now and again
Tac edge hardened worked well
and AKA it also liked havent put enough mags through yet on aka to see if any jams but seems promising so far.

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I am using these gold packaged milkies which are 7-8mm and most people are telling me to ditch these.
Tested with and without a hopup and I thought the grouping could have been better.

I have some Ausgel Armour Tech and some TEH branded ones but haven’t done testing with these yet.
Need to grow some I guess and see what happens.

sounds like a more appropriate course of action is to swap out the barrel

whats the ID on the stock barrel in these things?

7.6mm stainless steel on all the APS blasters

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damn…thats big…

i’ll have to update that friggin calculator for these larger bores


All I know is, I bought my blaster into work a week or so ago nice and early because the warehouse and building are near enough empty (most people are working from home).

I remembered that I was getting really good groupings and then - put some more gels in and let someone else have a go and it started shooting all over the place. On the day, I thought that it must have been cause they weren’t dried properly as the last magazine I ran through it and this is because they came from two different bottles.
When I pulled out the Ausgel armor tech this morning to grow, I noted the package had already been opened.

There’s a good chance when I first tested this that I used the Ausgels and not the usual milkies.
That might explain a lot. :man_facepalming:
Will see how testing goes later on and reply back here.

Ok, good to know about the barrel size in these. Similar to the stock barrels in the HK416 blasters then. I suppose I will be swapping out the barrel in the AK at some stage too.

Well, I grew some small batches of gels overnight and got into the warehouse nice and early to setup a makeshift firing range. Tried TEH and Ausgel branded. These make a considerable difference from gold bagged milkies. Grouping was much tighter and less shattered gels. :+1:

Someone else also recommended AKA ultra hard gels, but I haven’t had a chance to purchase and try these out yet.

I’m trying to get some accurate shots, I cannot for the life of me - dial in this hopup and sight properly yet, but these gels are a step in the right direction.

I pretty much only use AKA gels these days. Definitely very hard with pretty much none breaking.


hi those aka gels you sell how many in a pack and what colour are they

They’re in packs of 10,000
And they’re a murky white colour

thanks for that

AKA gels are working well in my new AK74S. Not the most accurate blaster, but still no worse than my HK416. Still usable for my target practice anyway.

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Still waiting to be able to skirmish the thing. That will be the real test. I have my hopup and flash hider combo sorted for now, but i also want to see how this works…

anyone seen a review on these?