Recommended Hop up for Wells M401

Hey from the UK

Can anyone give me some recommendations for a hop up for the wells M401, have had a look around online and there is so many different ones with different names but they all look the same


DK do a hop up for the M4/401 they’re a decent quality hop up.

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That’s the one I saw talked about the most but could find any links to purchase it, do you have one by any chance.

Sorry for the stupid questions, new to gel blasters and also having real trouble finding stuff that can be shipped to the UK

Edit: No worries now found a site that ship then to the UK, thanks for the recommendation thought.

Awesome! No worries at all mate.:blush:

Are blasters big in the UK? I thought you had A soft over there?

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It’s not caught on yet you can get the really cheep kids ones that look like weapons from fortnite but they’re crap.

Yeah we have A soft but it’s so expensive to get into and also is hard to get into if you don’t have the time to go to skirmishes to get a license to carry the realistic looking weapons, otherwise you have to carry a two-tone (bright colour or see through).

There’s no laws governing gel blasters (IV just painted the end of both mine bright orange just to be safe) and I also liked the fact that the gels are biodegradable.

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Cut the end off your outer and use a rizer or sweetheart

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Thanks @zeHamish you’ve been a real help with all this I will give them both of search, but just in case do you know of any stores that sell these that ship to the UK?

Not a clue m8

Most of the online should.

My pers favs of the Chinese supplier variety are chgbbs and zhendou

Others rate Ali express but they aren’t for me

Sinaairsoft also serve me well

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Monkeemods website stock the dk hopup


On special too at the moment. 11.70aud. Cheap

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Thanks for all the suggestions guys, will have a shop around for one.