Refillable C02 an option?

Has anyone tried the refillable co2 cartridges?

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Just buy P1 mags


Unless you’re @Rattler or a puritan

Ooo… Extended mags are here!..

i was wondering about machining and fitting the gas fill point into the XTP magazine nut. Then could go co2 cartridge or green gas, depending on whats on hand.

We will have extended APS mags soon so instead of infecting my pistol with P1 parts I think I will wait :rofl:

I looked at the refillable bulbs but decided againt them…
Expensive, hold less gas, doesn’t work out to be much cheaper that buying bulk 12g bulbs and a lot of bad reviews in the AS community


If I was going to go with refilling this is what I would do , it keeps your 12g of gas and it’s cheap to do as long as you know someone with a lathe to make the parts etc.

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Too much work. Bulbs for the win on this one. Mesa and Crosman make good 12g bulbs.

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Oh to have the knowledge and equipment to do this. I love engineering!

Great vid.

Take care.

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