Regrouping Gels

Gday Guys

Is there a way to regroup your gels or are they always all over the shop?

Mine are usually all over the shed floor… :joy:

By regrouping do you mean the grouping of your gels accuracy wise?


Hi. Are you talking about when you shoot?
The main way is a good inner barrel and a good hopup. Also the gels you use can make a difference as well.
Hope this helps.
If you need more info let us know what blaster you have and if you have any upgrades

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Yep, second that… if you really wanna chase that holy grail of accuracy and grouping you have to start with the basics.

A ss or alloy barrel matched to your cylinder, a quality sealed t piece, all of your air delivery system upgraded and airtight, piston spring upgrade optional (higher FPS doesn’t always mean better accuracy), quality o ring… get all that right and you’ve made a good start., just making sure the air out of that cylinder as delivered in the most efficient way possible. Add a good hop up and you’re away…

Oh, and gels… good quality gels with some consistency of size and shape are essential, matched to your barrel ID too if you go tighter than standard. Those horrible blue generic gels you get in the box are only good for claymores, grenades or giving to your kids to burn through. :+1:


sorry, i just wanna rant a bit = .=…
for me the hardest part is to work out the barrel to cylinder part = .=
i mean, exactly what is a “good raito”?

like Galápagos J had in one of his vid a chart that says,
100% cylinder volume is suitable for 288-378mm barrel, with a sweet spot at 333mm,
interestingly, the stock plastic barrel of J10 and gen9 are both 330mm give or take a couple mm,
which both gearbox came with a 100% cylinder.

now assuming the measurement on volumetric calculators are correct,
that 100% cylinder has the actual compression stroke length of 70mm,
and the cylidner ID is 23.5mm,
and assuming said chart was for a barrel ID of 7.5,
that puts the sweet spot at 2:1,
but some site seems to suggest the ratio needs to be between 1.5-2.5, the higher the better (for AEG),
is that the same thing for gelblaster? or no? because gels deform more…

and ofcoz if i were to build a LVOA-C rep with a even longer barrel,
i am now forced to use 7.1 or 7.0 barrel = .=…
which sucks coz of the gel limitation and grading gels every time after growing a batch…
and that only gives like 1.9:1 ratio…

and then theres the gels…
oh yes the gels… :tired_face: :tired_face: :tired_face: :tired_face:

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AFAIK the sweet spot in ratio is 1.7-9 ish as stated by some of the gurus for gel blastin. Less than the A$ ratio.

Don’t overthink it, don’t dive in too deep. Tinker around with that busted box you got and try things out.
I know as much as you…swfa but am enjoying learning thanks to this site and the much knowledge people are sharing with us. Helps a lot :smiley:


Cheers Guys

Yer i mean grouping when shooting mine are all over the shop. Ill try tinker with barrel and hop up. Id say it’s barrel as I remove the hop up it’s the same. I use an Ausgel barrel i think its 7.5mm with the matching Ausgel gels 7 to 8mm super hard maybe i should just get hard

Yes definitely try some different gels as they grow out to slightly different sizes among the different colours and brands.



Yeah, don’t get too bogged down in the detail. Remember a lot of the perfection we strive for on paper doesn’t necessarily make a very noticeable change to the blaster’s performance.

Seat of the pants mods are more fun anyway. Try stuff out, if it doesn’t work, try something else.


What is that mean o.o??

It means being flexible, imaginative and creative when you’re trying out different combinations of barrel, cylinder, piston spring size, gel brands, etc…

Formulae and such may get you close to where you want to be in theory but I’ve learned that what works for one person’s blaster may give a different outcome for yours, you won’t know until you pull that trigger… :+1:


It means try something and see what happens on your thoughts or ideas. Learn through the mistakes you may make and put that down in your book of knowledge.


arh i see, never heard of that saying before O_O
yah i do like to try different options and test for outcome even if i know it’s not beneficial,
but as long as i got an result and “now i know~”, i am happy haha

Sorry for my bad English but i’m going to put total 32 cm barrel including the length of sweatheart hop-up (7,5 inner) for cnc one piece 100 % cylinder, will it shoot straight and accurate? What do you guys think about it?

in terms of cylinder to barrel volume ratio, 32cm inner is good, gives you about 1.8:1,
but it also depends on what gel you are using and what FPS you are running.

it seems the higher your FPS is, the harder your gel needs to be to have better accuracy due to deformation under high FPS.

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I am using the aka milky gel ball, i think it is the hardest gel ball here, but all i need is the accuracy and the most accuracy i can get, i don’t care ROF or FPS

sorry, just got informed that my calculation on the last reply was way off = .=
my bad…
hopup generally do not add to the over all inner barrel length when calculating volumetric ratios,
just measured my SH hopup to be 6cm, and it inserts onto the inner barrel about 1cm deep,
so your inner barrel is actually about 27cm-ish = .=? which is gonna be too short for a 100% cylinder.

But sh hop-up is quite long and tight, i think when we secure it and make sure no leaking air, it will perform as the inner barrel

The hop up should be vented on the sides, releasing that air pressure on release is important if you want the hop up to actually function.

Vented hop ups can’t be factored into barrel length. Or at least only up to the vents, so the average barrel hop up only adds a few millimetres. Sweetheart hop ups are the exception and should be factored into your barrel length if they’re sealed airtight.

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@Friendly-fire is correct, the hop up length should not be considered when calculating the volume.
My reccomendation for your setup is a 70 to 75% ported cylinder to give the best accuracy