Reliable AliExpress source for exterior upgrades

So I’ve started looking around for a few exterior parts and I can’t find what I want from any Australian retailer.
I’m a bit spooked after reading the ABF website regarding the importation of “firearm parts”.
In the current climate (and I mean in the past 2 weeks and the potential shit storm that’s brewing), are there reliable Ali vendors selling quality Handguards, stocks etc and getting them through customs with no issues?
I’m more than happy to pay overs at a good Aussie retailer, but the options just aren’t there at the moment.

This is where i shop for my parts and have never had any problem with customs, this includes hand guards and receivers


When you say quality handguards and stocks etc, is there something in particular you are looking for ?

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Doesn’t have to be alloy. If there are sellors offering a decent range of good quality nylon exterior parts and getting the :heavy_check_mark: at customs, I’d happily shop with them.
Specifically, I’m looking for 13.5’ - 15’ handguard options and options at buttstock

The size you are after is not common.

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Handguards, stocks, flash hiders etc you won’t have any issues with, It’s more metal receivers that are being blocked.


I use Ali a lot for parts and have never had an issue with parts quality or sellers. Postage can take a while in some cases but otherwise its been pretty reliable. Mostly the postage is free which is why I prefer going through Ali or Gelbalmod rather than Monkee Mods (although I think they are free postage over a certain spend level).


Monkee Mods aren’t free but i usually get my orders within 5 days of purchase which is faster than i get some domestic parcels


I bought a gel blaster on aliexpress, it tool about 4 weeks to come, but it got through customs fine, so I guess u should have no issue with parts. I have also bought gels, barrels, O-Rings and a spring of ali with no problems.

Seems that border force are random in my experience. Depends who’s on shift, if they check your parcel and how they interpret your parcel.