Reliable Mosfet for Gen9 M4A1

Hi everyone,

Firstly, thank you for all the great content on this forum. I’m 40 years old and this is my first blaster. I’m currently upgrading my Gen9 M4A1

I’m looking for a mosfet to enable a 3S 2000-3000mah RC Lipo with a 1.3 spring for use at NukeTown Games.

My aim is Robustness, Range and Reliability so am prioritising a reliable MOSFET over one with all the bells and whistles. What is your experience? What would you recommend?

My Specs

  • Chi Blue Motor
  • 1.3 standard spring
  • Nylon Gearbox
  • GameMaster 35mm Barrel - Tight Bore 7.2mm
  • Metal gears (shimmed)
  • Alloy piston

Cheers Muzz

Similar specs to my ACR mate. I opted for the EasyFET.

that mosfet is not programmable just saves the trigger switch

i have the merf3.2 but its a bit bulky trying to stuff it and all the crappy wiring in is no fun

i have one of these and found it to be similar to the merf one

cheap enough for a programmable mosfet and is allot smaller so a bit easier to fit in

one downside programming it takes a bit of practice but after you get used to it its ok just have to have a few goes till you get the instwuctions wight


This is interesting.

I’ve been wondering how a MOSFET helps in a configuration as pictured where there is no trigger input wire

Near as I can figure it can only act as a lipo cutoff

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