Renamed* custom jingji/Galaxyglock/m4 THING

Mauser arrived today, Pretty bad performance straight out of the box not gonna lie…

Feels real nice to hold.
Has a metal inner barrel.
Probably my favourite looking blaster of the bunch.
Was well greased?
If you throw it at someone it will probably hurt…

Gels roll out of barrel or explode inside of it due to jagged bits of plastic in the barrel.
Measly 12ft range which sounds and shoots like a subtle fart.
Where the nozzle meets the t-piece it sits really loose resulting in pressure leakage everywhere around it… is kinda just cinched in by the receiver case.
The battery is a 7.4v 650mah garbage.

Interested to see if I can make this thing a decent sidearm, will update this thread as I go.


Pics or it didn’t happen… :camera_flash:

Will it end up looking like something Han Solo would be proud of?


In all its glory.

Hah! was looking at it thinking DL44, i think they may have used a mauser body for hans gun?

Oh yeah, his gun was a Mauser. So ya kinda breaking the law if you don’t convert it to Hans gun

Also, love the pew pew drip pew pew drip Hahaha


Yeah Marty… watching that .gif makes my snozz run… sniff sniff… :upside_down_face:


An update,

cut the barrel right back to where the metal inner barrel sits and jammed a DK hopup into it… already shooting better and farther??? need a chrono though…
also found an old scope i had laying around so decided to bolt it on, is awkward to use so i might do a side mount instead of using top rail.

now to wait on new motor and metal gear casting material… the goal is to put a 1.4mm spring in it and eventually have it run as a main shooter instead of sidearm.

naked runner style…

one major hurdle will be figuring out how to get more compression in the spring, the plunger stops at a certain point and i think thats why most ‘pistols’ have such bad range/fps there just isnt enough compression, might have to cut away where it catches.

:+1:i detect the force is strong in this one. and may be worth getting a ported cyclinder that should help

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Here is a step by step guide dude…

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Had no idea about ported cylinders thanks! Will definitely be doing that :+1::+1:
Handy info I found just now.

Watching that, they said the Frank Sinatra gun is also the Han solo gun apparently… huh that’s cool!

Don’t think I’d be able to do the DL44 justice… mine is a DZ44, best quality knock off in the whole empire! trust :sunglasses:

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While I wait for internal parts decided to whip up wooden grips will work a pattern into them but for now here is how the mauser is looking.


The wooden grip looks great already.

You could cut a notch in it for each person you gelled!!



A couple of weeks and the handle wood be whittled off :rofl:


Only if they lay down to be dripped on :rofl:


Uhh sooo yeah while stuffing around with the gearbox I stripped both sets of gears I had for my pistols, cant find gear replacements anywhere annd I can’t cast broken gears so dun fkd up big time.

My plans of making a decent pistol are now ruined BUT all is not over… from the debris of my failure arose a new thing… A blaster reforged.

Jingji/galaxyglock/M4 hybrid

Had a spare m4 gear box laying around and now the pistol bodies…

After some cutting and sanding… it’s mostly done.

Everything clicks into place so far… just need to sort out screw placement, a magazine latch, trigger placement and a stock that will have the battery compartment and cover the back part of the gearbox.

Confident this will work and provide wayyy more fps than a pistol shell.

Should probably delete thread tho considering it’s hardly a jingji now.

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Don’t delete the thread, it’s all inspirational :slight_smile:
It’s good to see others making a Frankenblaster

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Thought of putting the battery here?

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Tried both those spots arty :+1::+1:but just didn’t seem to fit without looking odd…

Ended up just using the leftover glock shell as a stock conveniently the battery fits just needs an end piece of some sort as a cover.

This is where I’ve gotten so far.

Still some things left to do before it’s finished as can probably be seen… the magazine catch mechanism has been a headache, but so far it works really well and has a realllly small form without compensating anything!

With the scope is kinda like a scout/CQ gun I kinda want a better sight though… any suggestions would be good:)

*sorry about tape :man_shrugging:is just there to hold things until I get screws.

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Perhaps the sight needs to go way forward? Where the trigger is or more?
Looking good though :slight_smile:

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