Replacement Slide

Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement slide for the XTP Shark?

Was using mine today and it appears to have broken a sliver off the front left guide channel.

Try Azraels or pistol pavilion. Probably cheaper via Azraels if they do have them

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Do any other slides fit or is the shark one of a kind?

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Black hornet slide will also fit and retain full auto. The xtp, scorpion and dragonfly slides don’t have the cut out for the full auto switch

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Dudefromoz answered your question.

Pistol Pavilion have a plastic slide that fits the Hornet ( can’t remember if was that one or the Dragonfly), but it looks like it has the cut-out for the Auto switch. Might be a bit too flimsy as the recoil on the Shark is pretty full on

Asked Azrael and Elise from TEH about a replacement slide. Elise is onto it, so will see what happens next.

There doesn’t appear to be any of them on Asia Hobby and have yet to look at APS in HK… but getting one from OS might be an issue for me.

I expect $150 to $200 is going to fix the problem in the next couple of days.

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How long have you had it? Isn’t that a warranty problem?

Marty, I have had it since October or thereabouts.

It has been sitting in its box since I replaced the nozzle around November and never had a lot of use before that.

I am quite happy to buy a new slide. They are not exactly high-quality items.

There is a piece out of the front-right side of the slide as well.

Are your buffers worn out?

It sounds like its over gassing a bit. There is a thread on these issues

Buffers are fine. Got a feeling I might have short-stroked it to protect them a bit. The mag is tuned.

I cannot remember whether the black spacer between the two recoil springs was original or not.

It is parts of the underside slide rail channel that have broken off.

Not overly worried about it all at the moment.

Two shops are tracking a replacement slide down for me.

Why do you think it is over-gassing?