REQUEST: modest motor for RX AKM

ahoi hoi…

so i’m bringing the rx ak back to life after some very long awaited parts and have found the stock motor which used to do the job, no longer does the job…go figure

i’m really not wanting to put a SHS HT motor in but its certainly an option. (its sound won’t suit the akm)

just wondering what others are using in 3s builds with decent torque and average RPM. quality only but not obscene costs.

I recall @rattler mentioning an m180 as an alternative to the SHS HT but fielding all options before i go do my thing.

oh…running fun is a random 1.3, metal gears and otherwise stock springs and things everywhere else


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The short version is there too

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Following calcifer’s cheap arse lead

I went the SHS HT primarily because of cost.

Guess my AK is going to be a screamer after all

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That is great Hamish… you can award yourself the Cheapass badge laughing%20(1)

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Dunno man…as I was ordering I had the notion that I should have been buying 5 at 20$ and not one @ 50$

Learn me you must master cheap arse…