Retro Arms 1 Piece Mag Block

Looking to purchase old or new a Retro Arms 1 Piece Mag Block suit JM…
Tried everywhere with no luck.


I found this, your post is old, my eyes are new, hope it helps. I am in need of one as well. The minimum order for this item from this vendor is 5 units. If you are still in need we could sort something out between us.

I hope it is what you were / are after. If you already found one, great, if it was from here and you wish to sell one of the four extra you may have, give me a holla.


HSG has told me they exclusively only sell to GBA.
Don’t think you can buy them bro… They are advertised but will cancel your order. They did mine anyways
I have found one myself and was thinking of getting it’s dimensions to 3d printed in the future.
GBA now have exclusive rights to Retro, Cool Hobby and HSG along with probably many others so they are the only company selling these prices at a largely inflated price. Greedy buggers.
Let me know how you go anyways. Might be able to help you out.

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Apparently not :thinking:

Covid has effected RetroArms like it has businesses all over the world and had slowed the process down then another Australian distributor got wind of the work I have been doing and somehow managed to undermine my relationship with RetroArms. The six months I have spent on this project will not go to waste though and as much as I love RetroArms products they’re not the only company in the world capable of manufacturing the products of my design.

this bit seems to support that GBA are now the one with exclusive rights to RetroArms.


Been told by GBA and Retro and Sam from Bruisemaster this is correct information. Sam is getting his own custom boxes produced by another company now GBA has sabotaged his relationship with Retro.

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I can still purchase Retro from NZ at low Retro prices but all Australian orders to Retro will be cancelled.
Must pay double prices at GBA


@Madazscotty Five long months a sleeping, hibernation within some dark dank retreat., awakened you be, have I awoken a sleeping Demon, perhaps risen a nesting Dragon, maybe, just maybe summoned the slumbering Devil itself.

OK, that’s outta my system, I am pleased to meet you Madazscotty. Oh the wonders within my mind, what has Madazscotty created, what RetroArms inspired Beast has he set free. I too have flown down the RetroArms route, something I am not regretting, but, but I will be utilising MKTH Aussie excellence in my next build. Though I posted the link for your benefit I also require. No problem, $10 for minimum of 5, can do, Nope, minimum is $10 each totaling $50, nope, can’t do, plus now add to that the information given above and it’s a big can’t do on all fronts.

I have purchased from GBA and have been surprised by their fair “mark up” with some / most items when directly compared to RetroArms in CZ, my Cylinder as example was really only a few dollars more than on RetroArms site, add to that the postage from Europe and the ever present Customs. The Receiver Set however, when GBA had them in stock the Type-C I am after was a “fuck me” $520, quite a bit more than factory direct prices, but, they are a business. I am in talks with them as I type this, chasing a Receiver Set down.

If you have a RetroArms Split GearBox to JM Magazine Block to spare, then I would be very much interested. If you are able to source one, reliably and confidently, and could do so for me, yes me, then either way I now do ask you very nicely for / to and would compensate you accordingly, no I aint gonna dirty me knees, but, well, who knows. If you got one OR if you can get one, please do, let me know your price, greedy buggers welcomed and overlooked in this instance and let me know here OR pm me. Good luck if you give 3D Printing one a try, I’m sure you could figure it all out, I see a 3D Printer in my future but I’ve said that to myself for a while now, so long, that the future that was to be, has been, and still no 3D FleshLight Holder to be had.

Thank you fellow Blastertarian for taking the time to post, nicely done.

“From my Cold Dead Hands”

Now @Rattler, I am painfully aware that you have set me straight on numerous occasions, from the unknown to the obscure all the way to the in my face oh so obvious and with that stated, rather uneasily at that, I have read and re-read your most welcomed contribution, what am I missing, Bruisemaster, Weipa, Missus, Relocation…What have I missed, what am I missing, hmm,

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My old man always taught us that business is business and money isn’t a dirty word but f#$k me some gel blaster businesses are greedy f#@kers :angry: I’ll always try and support local (looking at you MKTacticalHobbies for a V3 box lol), but I’d rather wait 4 weeks to get my gear instead of putting fuel in the local owners flashy Merc if they’re taking the piss.


@blek Ya ol’ man’s a wise man. I always go to Aussie first, be it manufactured or retail and as a first world practices country you really can’t go wrong with the manufacturing side of things, the retail side however, the price gouging, wow.

The RetroArms Box over the local MKTH Box is a sore point with me. I dove in head first without looking first and hit the bottom, no regrets for final outcome, but I really like to support those who support us, MKTH thank you, yeah a sore point. I have a vision for this one & only build and a Billet Receiver Set is in view, I am searching high & low for one in Aus. The price straight from the factory floor is $440 AUD so $520 GBA price and a $80 mark up is fair in the grand scheme when postage and the like added. Most business practice dictates at least a 100% mark-up, well, if your doing it right. I have found some components (non Retro, just all bits ‘n’ pieces) to fluctuate greatly in price from store to store, as much as double in a case or two.

We seem to share more than one passion, voting with your wallet is a well sorted past time of mine. Give me a great product, with great service, and great customer care, at a fair and reasonable price and I will be a customer for life, gouge me beyond care, I will alternate avenues.

“I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not”


@SlingShot dunno if this helps or if you got access to a printer?


Post links bro, it much better than screen shots :pray:

Here is the thingiverse links to the magazine terminal blocks for both the normal and split RetroArms Gearboxes.
Courtesy of The Pretendgineer <3




hey sling if ya need any printed i got a printer.


Bookmarking this for a later date :+1:


Haha yeah thats quite a cryptic link to type in my bad

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@Obskewa, Thank you buddy for takin’ the time. You know there is always a seat at the restaurant reserved for you, “what’s on the menu” hmm well, I think I’ll serve up undigested cuisine this time around, all in good fun, or poor taste, depends how you like ya dish. Some will scratch their heads at the above, heck, even Obskewa probably is. Ricers Unite.

Rattler, Wise words as ever, continue as you are.

@Slick, Well Slick, Thank you so very much, appreciated to the fullest of extent. What have you opened here. Yes I am currently assembling a vast collection of components in anticipation of creating a Monster, a RetroArms Split Gear Box Monster. When I purchased the Box from a member here I had no option of grabbing the Mag Block. I have since discovered they are thin on the ground. Although I have made inquiries here and there I am yet to secure. I have a large RetroArms order pending with the “now” sole Aus distributor and will tack a Mag Block onto that if available, and at the moment they are not even showing on there stock page.

Your offer is why I am here. Not the tangible item in hand but the gesture to enable so. The Universe sees you, I see you, we see you, it has been noted, what can one say.

I don’t have a 3D Printer maybe one day, maybe not. I do have access to one at my local Library, though do not know the process of going from Page to Printer to Product in hand.
I want to accept your offer, you have what I need. But, and here goes.

Firstly, I like to award more so than be awarded, your offer alone makes my day, and would wrestle with the acceptance of.
Secondly, We would haggle over the price, a reversal of such, with me over you.
Thirdly, If I was to obtain a 3D Printed version and then also obtain a Factory version, I would with high probability use the Factory offering rendering the time, work and detail imputed into this no doubt beautiful constructed masterpiece left unappreciated.

I don’t know enough about 3D Printed components, (I just gave away two 3D HopUps on here, see, a swirling of energy) to understand their structural integrity and worth, who knows maybe the Factory pieces are printed as well. I would love to instill a little Slick into my final creation, I absolutely would, and that fact alone might well see me utilise it even if the real deal was to be at hand. I want to accept and negotiate with you, yes I do, but with the above outlined, I may well have to wait until all other options exhausted and then limp back and knock on your door.

It’s me, not you. This discussion may continue, I am all ears, thank you Slick for your offer, and thank you to you all, with thoughts of energies returned, SlingShot


Mate its free. I could print a 1000 and only cost me maybe around 40$. If you have the retro mag block i would use that for sure.


Could I please then have 1001 units printed, thank you.

I envy you and your endless creations, good on ya, I’m sure you have created and printed all kinds of wonderful things, from fidget spinners to dildo holders and everything in between. As I stated above I have and have had a few Printed items and witnessed it first hand at the library but that’s my extent of involvement. No, unfortunately I do not have one and current prospects look bleak, but I do not require it until the final process of building the Blaster which is perhaps 3 months or so away. I will do all I can to source one, as, I need one. Whether or not one can be converted from an existing one I don’t know.

What is your opinion for this “non stressed” component, would a Printed piece fare well, I’m sure it would, your thoughts may well have me change path.

Again, thank you for the offer of assistance Slick, nice indeed

1911 colt

The mag block would last the life of the blaster.