Retroarms bling! Triggers, fire selects... Cheap!

All brand new,
Triggers $30 shipped to your door! With included heavy duty trigger spring!
Fire select $20 shipped!
Fire select blank off $10 shipped.
Sector delay for fast gearing $7 shipped.
Add some practical bling to your blaster! Suit v2 setups.


i have some retro arms bits i need, do you have any other items?

What bits are you after?


iā€™m looking for a RA tappet plate

Sorry bud. None available

that makes hamish a sad panda on this very disappointing monday


do you have an RA CNC Trigger Safety Lever for sale?

shmexy, i would get it if i had money and a blaster

Sorry dude, sold the last one a few days ago

Still have any fire select blank offs?, after a red one

Hi Mate,
Are any of the v2 triggers still available?
Cheers Ryan

What ones are you after bud?