Retrofitting Blowback Plate

Hmmmm… the Platinum series of M4s from Tactical Edge have a blowback plate running off the tappet plate… looks cool.

Does anyone know if these plates can be retrofitted to a Gen 9 M4? The gearbox is based on a V2, sort of…

Can’t help wondering if they would wear a nylon receiver or gearbox wherever they contact though. I guess if there was plenty of clearance you’d be right? :thinking:

Where did you see that info ?
The APS ones don’t usually work off the tappet plate ?

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Oh hey, I could be wrong about the attach point… I saw a tech vid on Youtube from TacEdge, I assumed it was actuated by the tappet slide. So is it driven by the piston? That’s the only other component that moves… :thinking:

No , the blow back bolt has legs on the inside rear edge that catch on the back of the piston.
Also it would be difficult to fit on other blasters because there is a spring in the top of the box and the screw on the side for it to slide on


Yeah, looking at that again it doesn’t look feasible on a Gen 9…

Bugger… would have been a cool little feature. :+1:

Cool for guys when they start out but stupid feature that cause wear and has no practical use.


Yeah, had the same thoughts about the wear issue. :+1:
There’s SFA room in the receiver anyway

I understand why guys like all this crap but on my personal comp builds I have none of the impractical gimmicks, if it has no practical funtional use or detracts from performance I don’t fit it, half of my builds don’t don’t even have the charging handle connected , they’re still on there but if you pull it the whole thing comes out the back :grin:


Yeah, agree 100%… just boredom motivating me to look at anything these days :roll_eyes:

I sold a highly modded Gen 8 to a mate of mine yesterday… his first blaster. The alloy cylinder head I installed was a smidge larger than stock, it fit okay but the eject port cover wouldn’t open on the pull, only opened on the release if you let the charging handle snap back. Not ideal, but meh… it’s a Gen 8 and a pointless feature anyway… nothing I ever used.

It was, however, a bit of a point of concern for the buyer :joy: even with full metal internals, metal outer and inner barrels, custom buttstock, hop up and tac accessories… go figure.

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Speaking of boredom check this out maybe you could build one of these and vaporize the opposition :sunglasses:



That’s definitely something you wouldn’t want your 5 year old getting his hands on… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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