Review and upgrade of the BingFeng P90 V2 gel blaster

Review and upgrade of the Bing feng P90 V2 gel blaster. Sure I could fire it at a fence for you to watch… or we could just tear it all apart. I should mention I perform a fix for the motor & pinion gear which reduces the risk of stripping when you go 11v.

Topics covered in this episode:

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Nice work! I can see why my pinion gear stripped as soon as I put an 11v in it… Shims for days.

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I stripped one with 7.4v not even 1 mag in.

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Does the P90 use the same gears as a Gen 8? Can you just use gears from a Gen 8 metal gear set or do you need to find a specific set?

Gen 8,9 gears will work just fine :ok_hand:

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Thanks for that. My BF P90 is in the mail. Should be here tomorrow or by Thursday at the latest.

Bit paranoid I’m going to strip it now.

I’ll have to borrow my bothers soldering iron to de-solder that connection. Or finally buy one of my own.

A worthy tool to have on hand… it wont be the last time you use it. GL with the upgrade!


Gotta say thanks for all your videos, priceless info on how to take apart and replace parts and how to just do basic maintenance to make them last, I let everyone I know getting into this hobby about your channel.

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Be wary of leaving any gels in the mag after use because the feed springs in them rust like crazy. Brand new mag already has rust even after taking out all the remaining ammo after a few uses and drying it out next to the heater.

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