Rewiring with different wire types

Any help would be appreciated. After rewiring out the m4ss’ mofset i replaced all the wiring with wire from an old faulty pc powersupply. Im just wondering if it was a mistake to use this type of wire on my build? Any better options from more experienced experts would also be very helpful.

There are definitely better types of wire but if your blaster isn’t pulling more than 10a (relatively stock) you’ll be fine.

There are really only three considerations for wire selection

*Current capacity needed
*Physical sizing, does it fit, does it run etm.
*Can you be arsed

Provided the insulation is sound, PVC vs silicon doesn’t really weigh in on the matter.

Even solid core vs multicore is relatively moot and personal preference can prevail.

Hope you fused

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No i dont have a fuse on it i will probably end up putting a mofset but never heard of putting a fuse can you elaborate further this might be necessary

its good electrical practice but also ensures that you don’t smoke your blaster, battery or mosfet in the event something untoward happens.

i use automotive micro blades inline on the positive conductor from the battery.


My blaster is not stock so not stock its got 460 chi hai motor with 1.3 spring metal gears and running ASoft lipo so now i feel i need to have a fuse. Can u detail what fuse i should be using please thanks for your guidance.

Without measuring current draw you should be fine with a 12a.

Your wiring will be ok if you aren’t on the trigger solid for the whole battery

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Would i still need a mofset if i had a fuse? I dont require single shot and i have hard wired the mag priming feature so is a fuse the only thing i require to protect the blaster?

a correctly sized fuse will protect all components behind it.

a mosfet is solely used to switch high current devices

Your advice is invaluable thankyou. Does it matter which fuse you use or is there a specific one i should be looking for. Sorry this stuff is news to me.

Would these items be what am supposed to install?

the whole forum is chock full of genius nuggets from most everyone here and those who have merely passed through.

either of those solutions would be fine although (and i probably should have mentioned this before) a standard blade fuse is quite large physically.

now this doesn’t really mean squat beside the physical space it occupies.

a full sized 10a blade fuse will blow just as fast as a 10a micro blade. its just the fittings that differ.

for some sizing reference…this is a mini blade. thats an xt30 battery header

Would this be ok?

these work.

they aren’t as fast as a real fuse so there is a risk of damage.

they also fail over time with a limited number of resets and they are heavier than a stock fuse so you have to factor that into things…

i don’t want something flapping about stressing my wiring harness

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I will just use a normal 10a fuse and have spares handy. Thankyou

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